Pmc speakers

Always liked the look of this speaker company and have read (mostly) glowing reviews especially the stand mounts which supposedly punch well above their weight.
Wondering if anyone has these hooked up to their Naim system?



Check the “system pics 2023” thread and the “What brand of speakers are you using” thread. PMC and Naim is a very common combination indeed.

From small standmounts, to floorstanders to massive PMC studio monitors, you’ll find them all there hooked up to Naim amps.


I think PMC speaker are a very good match with naim, I have Fact.8 speakers in my main system.


Will do my current speakers are Focal Aria 906 stand mounts great sound but always wanting to hear different sounds

PMC are one of hi-fi’s safe house.
Quite neutral, but you would struggle to get a bad sound out of them whatever you put up them. In as much as they make the most of instead of ruthlessly revealing.

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big fan of pmc twenty5 26 here.
very detailed and pleaseant, what amazes me is how they recreate the scene, how you can perceive the position of instruments and voices.
given the front ATL they have the possibility to be put close to the back wall, moreover give a good bass response even at low volume.
I found them a little warm, less neutral than Fact, that I liked.
medium high is a very big strenght, so should be present even in standmounts

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There are popular “Show us your…” threads about Proac, Neat and ATC speakers, you should change the title of this thread accordingly :slight_smile:

[edit, I realise you might have a specific reason for asking, i.e. considering buying a pair, but loads of folks on here run them, I’m sure they’re worth an audition, and after the 30th post including pictures of lovely PMC speakers paired with Naim systems, you’ll have your answer!]

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Twenty5 22 here. PMC do seem to work well with Naim.


Yes point taken (ducks behind sofa…again!)

I didn’t mean anything at all by it - I love all the speaker threads!

Hope you find some good advice, and sorry for the distraction of my post :slight_smile:

I’ve got the Twenty 5 ,23i,s Listened to the stand mounts and these at the dealers but thought the 23’s had more base and a better soundstage.
I had Neat Xplorers before but much prefer the PMC’s


I ran Fact 3s with 272/XPSDR/250DR for several years and thoroughly enjoyed the system. Eventually the upgrade bug bit me again, but I’d agree that Naim pairs well with PMC.


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Kerr Acoustics are TL as well and to me very similar in design, anyone compared them to PMC, with Naim?


Running the Twenty5 26i here.


20.26s here. Had 20.23s before. The extra bass and better mid range over the 23s was immediate. But the 26s are quite a size.
The bit i dont like about my 20.26s is the cabinet work. Nothing special, just veneered something. Im sure more than functional, but as a piece of furniture they could be nicer. Also the sharp corners look nice, but easily ding.

Compare them to Kudos listened to lots speakers including pic and ended up with kudos but we all have different likes :+1:

Oops ruddy predictive txt

Had various over the years, still use my DB1i’s on a daily basis in my office, OB1i’s currently spares. They match well with Naim electronics and are generally easy on the ear and easy to live with.