Pmc speakers

25.23, temporary location. Wonderfully revealing and very very fast, with mids to die for. Very happy with them.

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Loved my FB1i’s and 20.26’s and still have my GB1i’s as rears in my surround set up but when it came to upgrade I preferred the Kudos Titan 707’s to the Fact 12’s. I suppose it may have been different now I have a NAP500DR replacing the 300DR at time of demo but I’m not trying again just in case !

I see many of you keep the grills on: don’t you think they affect the sound?
honestly I never used mine, I kept them in the original package.
in the past I had other speakers and the grills where clearly impacting the sound, so this time I did not even try to put them on.

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Their main purpose is reducing the risk of any accidental damage to the drivers/cones.
Having them on or off is a personal choice in that respect, how negatively they may or may not impact performance is a balance between them not being damaged and sounding good!
I’ve always left mine on personally due in part to having young children with curious minds and clumsy hands.

I remove mine to listen then refit them when finished, to my ears they do mask the sound but it is very, very subtle, but the wife hates the look of them with the grills off, plus it keeps inquisitive fingers away!



What he said

Never used my grilles, but actually I’ll give it a go out of curiosity. ATB Peter

That’s what I used to do, but the grilles on my Fact 3s were rather a pain. They attached magnetically and had small cylindrical magnets glued into matching recesses in the wooden frame. Problem was that after a time the magnets came loose and disappeared into the fabric cover and I had to fiddle about finding them and putting them back into place. It rather let the side down on what was otherwise a beautifully made product.


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Word to oneself: Oh no you won’t, they have both become warped in the boxes :roll_eyes:

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MB2se are not even supplied with grilles , luckily i think they look [and sound] great without them.


There’s about a 5db shift on the top end with the grilles on. So when rough and new, I always run them with grilles on for the first 2-3 months to take the edge. Then off… until kids arrived.

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I prefer the sound with them on my Fact.8s they also look better I think. I can detect a slight treble reduction with them in place, but don’t find that detrimental to the overall sound, so I leave them on.

What are you driving those with?

They are sort if my “if I won the lottery (that I don’t play)” speaker.

Profile says Rega Osiris!

Yes Rega Osiris fronted by Rega Isis.


Haven’t been able to move to another brand since having Twenty.23’s. I’ve heard lots of other speakers but haven’t heard any that can combine amazing good looks with super fast bass that seems to go impossibly deep. Went to Twenty.26’s and I’m now settled on Fact.12’s


In my experience transmission line speakers do bass so much better than other designs, so they can indeed make others seem inadequate - was hooked 48 years ago, and am now on my 4th pair, the last two being PMC. The only problem is that due to the challenges in design and complexity of construction they are inherently more costly to manufacture.