PMC upgrade

Have any of you folks had the PMC upgrade? Comes in at just over £2000 for Fact 8s. Also available for Fact 12s Upgrade promised to ‘signature levels’ Sounds good. Be interested to know if anyone had it done. Paley

I have heard the fact 8 and 12 with and without the Signature upgrade. If i had the original speakers i personally did not think at the time it was worth changing the speakers for the amount of improvement gained……both are really good imo.

Really struggling with a speaker conundrum. Been doing a lot of listening at relatively Low level and the Fact 8s are beginning to sound a bit thin. Exploring the addition of an REL sub which I’m collecting today to try. But the dealer suggests trying some Dynaudio Contours As he says, not better speakers but will bring more bass slap which my aged ears are looking for - although they love the invisibility and everything else the Fact 8s do. Fact is, I don’t have 10 to 15 grand I think I’d need to spend to cover all my needs. Paley

It would be interesting to see whether a change from 250DR to 300DR gives you what you seek. I suspect it might; it made my SL2s sound twice as big, with much better drive and scale.


Fact 12s would likely give a lot better bass, similar footprint / room space/ slimness, and they do crop up on ebay at decent prices.

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Would some PMC 25.26i’s be on your shortlist? Likely to work better with your 250DR and there are some very attractively priced second hand models out there

I own a pair of Fact 12’s and previously the Twenty 26’s, from the reviews I have read on the signatures, the general view seems to be that the upgrade is not a deal breaker for existing owners. I personally feel the £4000 to upgrade a Fact 12 is extremely steep, I’m sure it does bring about some improvements but this does feel a little too much. I do feel the sub will give you want you need as I am led to believe with the Fact 8’s the lack of bass is very much its main area of weakness.

Yes. Agree this seems to be a growing consensus - esp the 2000 PMC upgrade. I am however looking forward to trying the DynAudio Countours which seem to promise good synergy with my system. Some coming into dealers soon.

The Contours are a fantastic match with Naim. Somehow manage to combine lots of detail and air, with a very smooth well integrated sound. They’re the kind of speakers that are both revealing and forgiving. The PMCs I’ve heard are great but a bit harder edged, which I thought could get tiring over a longer period. That’s probably a reflection of having a 282 and Qutest, both of which are already quite forward.

I have Fact 8s which I used to use with a 300DR and 252 and they worked well for me, although I was never seeking a big bass ‘slap’. I have since moved away from Naim and reduced my box count significantly. I now use a PMC Cor which works well for me.

I did briefly contemplate the Signature upgrade but not sure it would be worth the money for me - I too have ageing ears! In any case we’ll soon be moving house and I will be replacing the Fact 8s with something smaller.

Interesting. Downsizing, especially speakers, is something I’ll never do until or unless I completely lose my hearing or have to go into a “home” to dislike the rest of my life. (Though if I can still hear my Dave plus good headphones might make just bearable.

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I have heard this a few times about PMC, I have owned 3 different models over the past 20 years and have never found this to be the case. I will say that PMC of course do originate from a professional monitor setting hence the name, they do not colour the sound in any way and do generally need some power to come to life fully. The only time I can remember any hardness was with my original PMC FB1’s prior to the change in tweeter as part of the + upgrade.

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sorry what is “Signature upgrade”?
I have PMCs. thnx

The possibility to change the ‘crossover’ bits with the latest version, being sold in the current FACT speakers.

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Contours are lovely but I felt like they were just missing a bit of leading edge attack compared to PMC’s which for me made them less exciting. I could definitely live with them though.

Yes the change makes them equivalent to the Fact 8 Signature. A similar crossover upgrade is available for the Fact 12, at a higher price. I don’t think there are similar upgrades available for other PMC speakers.


Hi there, for the Fact 8 & 12, you can now upgrade the crossover, £2000 8, £4000 12, this is something your dealer can purchase and then retrofit themselves. I believe the tech and some of the components are trickle down from the Fenesteria. The review I read suggested this was a good improvement on the original but would not necessarily be a must have for existing owners. not sure if there are any upgrades for other PMC models.

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Thank you very much!!