Polite Request - please stop hoarding your Naim Gear

I often see articles where people have spare kit in the loft that they will probably never use. E.g someone with a 282 and a spare 82, someone with 2 SBL speakers.

As Naim have been brilliant for 20+ years at servicing, perhaps ask yourself do you really need a spare? Is it worth keeping just to cover a q week service period every 10-15 years? Are you really ever going to setup that second system?

Can I suggest during lockdown you dig it out and consider selling it. That will release a load of gear for others to upgrade to, and help the brands longevity and service industry. I suspect it will also entice new sales. You of course then have your own funds possibly for an upgrade, or more music purchases. So win win for everyone.



I can only agree. Chuck out your Olive hicap and 82 people and I’ll release my fc, 92 and Nait5i.


I’ve been selling bits of my Olive Grove, my hoard of Olive series gear, steadily over the last couple of months, by word of mouth. Still a few boxes to go. It’s hard when you’ve been hoarding them for God knows how long, but it was sell them or go to rehab!


In my case in the last 9 months I’ve upgraded a 102 to 82, HC to brand new HCDR, and 140 to 250. Just need pair of decent SBL’s, which of course is the real selfish reason behind this Topic. :sweat_smile:

I’ve given up. While not as heady as the equipment you’ve mentioned I tried twice to sell my old Uniti and had time wasters twice. I can’t be bothered now so am keeping it for a rainy day or one of my daughters.


Guilty m’lud…

My excuse is that I just can’t help myself when the right bit of classic Naim kit pops up on my radar.


I think we can allow you Richard, as your help has been so valuable to us all on this Forum. Your hoarding is forgive and encouraged!

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As far as I can tell Richard, if you sold off your complete hifi collection the glut on the market would drive prices down across the board. :grinning:


Damn Statements are blocking the staircase to the shed anyways


If you have the active setup then I find they make a very good Stonehenge sculpture.


I’ve sold a few things lately and having made some money against what I paid, it has funded servicing of the bits I’m hanging on to!

Having been a “late adopter” of the Naim brand I feel I’ve now tried enough older kit and happy with where my system is. Always looking though…

Must dig out that 42/110 from under the bed, digging into my kidneys.

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Actually that’s a good observation. “I’ve got a whatever DR in the loft and must get it out” This place should really have a pre loved area private and approved official dealers. Win win and win. IMO


It always seems a bit odd to me that people refer to HiFi as a ‘hobby’. The idea of dragging out an old NAC for the weekend, just to remind yourself what it sounds like, would get in the way of enjoying music for me. I want the best system I can afford, and when I buy a new bit of gear, the old one goes to help fund it. I guess we are all different.


I only have a Naim 1 in the loft. Mind you, it’s only been there fore about 15 years…

That makes perfect sense to me. It almost seems a sin to have something locked away that no-one can get the benefit of it. Isnt recycling really good?

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Err. Who me?

Actually, most is in use across 4 systems.

I do confess to having a CD5XS stashed away.

And a NAC282 that’s a backup in case I need get the NAC252 serviced (Though, I’ve been debating lately whether to keep hanging on to it, or sell it).

(oh and perhaps a spare HiCapDR)

(and the I-Supply which doesn’t count)

Anyway, my excuse is that Richard has a lot more than me.

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Mine is on the display rack. It has been unused close to 10 months now but I’m not selling the Naim gear as they are reserved for the Harbeth SHL5+ speakers which are also unused and sitting quietly at the corner. I currently have insufficient space to set up a 2nd system (although I still have a small system in the bedroom) but you brought up a valid point. I am unsure when I will have the opportunity to set it all up again.


I used to have a tendency to keep hifi gear which I don’t use. Over the years I have got rid of some and the ones I currently have are mostly keepers. I still have some junk around mostly accessories and cables kept inside a large box but they don’t worth much so I didn’t bother to unload them.

Not a hobby as such but at the moment a re arrangement of rooms and hifi. I have my first Naim system(Nait2/kans/Planar 3, S arm) and the nostalgia kicks in and I will keep it even if it is now in a bedroom. Other kit will go once the re-arranging is complete.