Poll: What brand of speakers are you using?

Which are the most popular speaker brands in our community?

  • Naim
  • Focal
  • Neat
  • Spendor
  • ATC
  • ProAc
  • Kudos
  • PMC
  • Totem
  • Monitor Audio
  • Dynaudio
  • Dali
  • B&W
  • Magico
  • Wilson
  • Sonus Faber
  • Other

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The poll title would be better amended to “what brand of speakers are you using” as it gives no idea of the speakers themselves, in some cases at least there being a huge difference across the range of models, though I note the clarification in the text

  1. It is not scientific, just of interest to some.
    b. Why not make your own poll, it will need about two hundred options.
    iii. I wish I could be more consistent.

You missed Harbeth; they’re quite popular


Some of us mave multiple systems with different speakers.


These Other speakers are popular. Any uk dealers?


I think you will find from posts on this forum that Harbeth speakers are popular with Naim consumers, certainly more so than Wilson or Magico.


If you do a search on Naim & Harbeth you see 50+ threads appear. Harbeth certainly should be included in any poll with Naim.

As others have mentioned some members have more than one pair of speakers that they use.


What happened to Linn ,a pretty major omission


As well as Harbeth and Linn already mentioned there are quite a few other brands out there that have been mentioned on occasion e.g. among current/recent manufacturers these coming instantly to mind: Castle, Kerr, KEF, Q Acoustics, Quad, Russel K, Shahinian, Tannoy. I’m sure there are many more… It seems like there needed to be a poll to find the brand names for a poll of brand ownership - though of course the size of the “others” selection will give an idea of whether these others amount to a high proportion.


Magnepan is an other brand!

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@Mike_S , you haven’t voted yet. It shows 0 totems. :man_police_officer::person_raising_hand:


Agreed, Harbeth and Linn are big omissions.

As ‘other’ has currently 19% out of 300 votes I suggest this is a pre-poll tester and you find out what other popular speakers are being used and re-run the poll.

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You’ve also missed Shahinian, a minority taste maybe but several fans on the forum, including yours truly


I have two pairs of Shahinians and one pair of Naims, so I’m unable to specify any of them as this poll also doesn’t permit multiple votes.


Primary or favourite system maybe? But the OP doesn’t say that.

I will say in defence of op if I’d made this type of poll I’d have missed brands too and I’m sure others would say the same. Can polls be edited?

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Interesting nonetheless to see more than one in 10 still have Naim speakers and also interesting how high kudos as a (relative) newcomer is in the list. They really seem to have taken over the Naim speaker mantle.



I could have ticked both as I have a pair of nSats (plus 4 nSats, one nCent and one nSub in the cinema room) and a pair of kudos speakers. Also have a pair of mission 70 mk II and acoustic energy ae1 speakers. I went with kudos as they are in the main system…

Have also had SBLs and SL2s …

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Hi what about Fyne 501 sp. Sound just amazing with my Nova.