Poll: What brand of speakers are you using?

I use Rega ELA2’s but I can’t vote for them because they aren’t on the list!

How about DIY speakers?

I got a pair which is very very good, (sometimes) even better then speaker from a dedicate brand. :slight_smile:
And don’t talk about the costs vs quality of sound against factory built speakers :wink:

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Those are Living Voice’s huge and hugely expensive Vox Olympian series, which, agreed, no one would use with Naim amplification. But the much more popular and mainstream Auditorium series, relatively modest in size and cost, 92-94 dB sensitivity, are a superb match with Naim.

Audiovector QR1. A hifi bargain imo (well at least 3 years ago they were.)

I got some Spendors recently and have been delighted with them. I’ve had numerous pairs of B&Ws over the decades but I’m so glad I “found” Spendor.