POLL - Which is the 'best' rock decade?

My amount of music listening has certainly gone up during this quarantine era. As such I’ve had more of a chance to analyse in more detail the various bands/albums I’m listening to.

Anyway, just for a larf I thought it would be interesting to get peoples opinions on what they think has been the best decade for rock music. Note this is for rock (in my case I include prog) but I agree the boundaries are often a bit blurred.

I know some bands probably cross from one decade to another but which decade is their best?

For me it was the 70’s… I mean just look at the list for that decade… (starting off with the well known progs):

Pink Floyd
Jethro Tull
Led Zep
The Who
Bruce Springsteen…

gosh the list just goes on and on…

  • 60’s
  • 70’s
  • 80’s
  • 90’s
  • 00’s
  • 10’s

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After 5 mins I can kind of see the direction this is going… :wink:

Doesn’t this also tells us something about the age of the forum members? :wink:


I would have loved an option of 65 to 75, but have plumped for the 70s.


Think I will make some popcorn, as I can see this degenerating :wink: :smiley:

BTW How do you define rock? (runs and hides after opening another can of killer worms)

I certainly grew up on those, and mostly follow current prog rock now, so Anathema, Marillion, Pendragon, Steven Wilson, Magenta, Glass Hammer, Riverside etc etc. All rock has been great in its era and has aged well and new goodies have come along to fill the gap.

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Best decade for Rock Music 60’s (Can swap for the 70’s)
Best decade for Soul Music 70’s (Can swap for the 60’s)
Best decade for Indie Music 80’s
Best decade for Hip Hop 90’s (Can swap for the 80’s)
Worst decade for Retro 00’s
Best decade for Female Artists 10’s

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Apart from Genesis, Jethro Tull and ELP, it’s very hard to argue with you.

Add in Can. Kraftwerk, Buzzcocks, Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Throbbing Gristle, Suzi Quatro, Neu!, Sex Pistols, Hawkwind, Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Television and Joy Division and you have a water-tight argument for the 1970s. :sunglasses:


Best ( only) decade for punk?

Errrr tough one !!

Well I’ll go 70s but the question is the definition of “rock”. Does it include the Beatles, perhaps not during the Please Please Me days but by the time Sgt Pepper was created? Okay it’s all music.

As a slight aside quite a few years ago I was driving my daughter home from a ballet lesson and I was playing Songs of Yesterday by Free and there’s this moment where they syncopate and switch time sig. At the time Tash was also learning clarinet so got the rudiments of music and said “Dad, the way they changed time there was genius”. 2 weeks later the same journey and this time was playing the Doors (Soul Kitchen and the Crystal Ship) when she said “Dad, you and Mum had the most wonderful soundtrack to your youth”. Her partner is a great Bruce Springsteen aficionado. Similarly, youngest daughter is a great Simon and Garfunkel fan and her partner asked the other day if he could hear all of Hotel California (on vinyl). As it progressed he started to realise the themes and nuances of the album and completely unprompted said “well that’s a pretty cynical commentary on America”.

Rose tinted glasses play a part to. There was of course much rubbish in any era. After all even Vivaldi was seen as trivial in the early 18C!

It’s all music, and should be so celebrated.



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The 60’s. Everything was new and exciting then.

After that it was simply variations on a theme, until the mid 90’s when it all became as formulaic as Coca Cola.

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70s for me but I appreciate the music far more now than I did back then.

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I think one has to plump for the 70s but really the best 10 years is late 60s to late 70s.

I did a google for rock bands of the 70s and the list is massive for great rock.


Probably based on the average age of the members the 70s would have been when most of us were young dumb and full of… It’s the music most of us seemed to have grown up on. It was on our radios and cheap stereos in our cars and at the gigs we went to. We were lucky that it was also arguably the best rock and roll decade.

I voted 60’s because almost every great band started in the 60’s … Beatles, Stones, Zep, traffic, Allman Brothers, Cream,Pink Floyd, Bowie, Tull, Hendrix. The Dead, Doors, Jefferson Airplane,CSN, Neil Young, I’m going to put Joni in here; she’s as much of a game changer as anyone. Spirt, Blue Cheer, Quicksilver, Beach Boys, Yes, I’m sure I’ve missed several. In fact I think every single artist from the OP’s list started in the 60’s


I’ll go with 70s unless yer including Beatles. They were always a Pop band. Now, John Lennon… he’s in a whole different league. Brilliant. So, if you’re including Beatles, I’d go with 80s.

And really, even coming from an endlessly creative supply of such excellent Rock music thru the 70s, I still really enjoy most of the New Wave of the 80s as well. Lot of fun, creative stuff there.


I can’t believe that no one has mentioned Deep Purple.

The list of great 70s rock is massive… as I say I did a google of the best rock bands of the 70s and it was just page after page of brilliant bands

'Nuff said.