Position volume knob SN2 vs SN3

Is there a difference of the position of the volume knob with the same sound between the SN2 and SN3?

I guess the gain will be the same, but the output threw the volume knob, is it difference between them?

Now i had a SN2 and it sounds already loud at 09:00. 10:00 or 11:00 i can’t stay in the room, only partying :slight_smile:

My speakers are these: DiY floorstanders for Naim Supernait 2


vermogen: 150 Watt
rendement: 92 dB/1W/1m
impedantie: 4 Ohm
frequentie bereik: 22-22.000 Hz
hoog: Scan-Speak D3004/6620 Se
mid: Vifa NE123-W-04
laag: Vifa NE 265-W-04
Afmetingen: HxBxD 105 x 31,9 x 33,4 cm

I haven’t compared the 2 amps myself, but the SN3 still uses the Alps Blue volume pot which gives a very narrow usable range, especially with speakers that are easy to drive. So I’m pretty sure you would have the same problem if you upgrade to a SN3.
Part of the problem is the 2V output that most digital sources have, including the NDX. For me, the problem was solved by using a Chord Hugo between NDX and amp. Apart from being a nice sound quality upgrade, it has a variable output which is best dialled down a bit, and this allows you to use a wider range on the volume control.


I had to turn the volume knob more on SN3 to get the same perceived level as with SN2. Roughly at 9 with SN2 ment around 10 for SN3.

Aha that explains the vol gain change I found after getting my 32/5 serviced, Naim replaced the original vol pot with an Alps Blue…which exhibits a smaller useable range, the original pot had a sweet spot around 12 o’clock now at 10 o’clock it’s more than loud enough. Using the CDP on the Tuner input the vol is now almost like an on/off switch with very little usable gain.
Speakers are MK1 Linn Kans (later version)
For some reason I can’t get the remote control vol +/- to work on my new Marantz CD6006UK to adjust it’s output, it’s possible it only works when using Marantz’s matching amp ?


Reminds me of an anomaly (in my ears perhaps) when I first got SN3. I was turning vol on SN3 to 11/12/even 1pm to get the percieved loudness I had with the XS2 at 9/10… Then, over the initial 3 weeks, the SN3 ‘got louder’.
I still don’t understand why - don’t really care tbh, as it sounds lovely!

Same, was kind of weak to begin with but now 8 and 9 is basically where dial sits sounding good and full.

I owned the SN2 and now own the SN3. With the 2, 12:00 the max and 9:00-10:00 was loud. With the 3 I feel that I have to turn it to 1:00-2:00 to get to what was 11:00-12:00 on the 2. But it’s hard to make a apples:apples comparison as my 2 was driving Dynaudio Focus 260 speakers and my 3 is driving the more difficult Contour 20 speakers.

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