DiY floorstanders for Naim Supernait 2

Hi Dave. I chose the oak veneer and it does look really good. If you look at the IPL acoustics website, there is a choice of veneer, or you can paint the bare surface any colour you like. There are two speaker builders, one in Cardiff and one in Burnley so it depends on where you live and details are on the website. I used the guy in Burnley as he’s not far from me. I have to say the speaker builder in Cardiff is considerably more expensive and I believe he is quoting just over a grand for a pair of speakers, built and veneered to spec. That said, they are excellent for the money and I am delighted with mine.

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dear @anon93526344,

I can offer you an opportunity for more smiles.

I’ve been off this excellent forum for a while now as I got involved with the DIY - Troels SBA 10 from the ground up, and a Goldring Lenco GL 78 1973 vintage.

In Mumbai, all complete and partnering my SuperUniti. Took me a couple of years and a lot of midnight oil.

If you’re on LH, send me a PM.




Looks fabulous Rajeev.


i was looking at SBA10 some time ago and asked TG for the your contact but he would not.

I never thought this would be in Mumbai - my city !!

My handle on LH is the reverse of what it is here

@mod - please allow this conversation and exchange of handle information.

I dont know your handle - please PM me on LH


Thank you Mike, I like to call them “Their Majesties”. And they’ve exceeded my expectations.

It will be of interest to you to identify that there’s a pair of Totem Model One Signature speakers, dwarfed now, by the SBA 10.

Ah, and ofcourse the SuperUniti, the jewel in the crown.


Rajeev .

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My speakers are back. Painted white at the paintshop (is that the correct word?? )

It’s sounds really great at the SN2/NDX set :wink:


Congratulations, the speakers look fabulous, a beautiful job!


wow… it looks very good…

the speakers next to them ( black ) look so puny :grinning:

congratulations on completing this project !

do you plan to use any out-riggers or feet for the speakers ?

They look very nice rob-z, good to see some DIY in this place.

You mean some “feet”

They are standing on some thick feet of 8mm. Which doesn’t transfer the sound to the ground.

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Well, my IPLs have fully run in now. I’ve had them for three months and noticed subtle changes to the sound. I’m surprised it has taken them so long to run in, but now they have, I’m as delighted with them now as I was when I first installed them.


any experience with their larger transmission line floorstanders ?

The 2 way S4TL or S5TL maybe ?

I personally don’t. They are much larger and they simply wouldn’t work in a sitting room as small as mine, quite apart from them dominating the space!

IPL speakers are awesome. I built mine (S2tlK) nearly 2 years ago and still happy with them.



Gosh! That’s original!

Glad you like IPLs. They do sound absolutely amazing.

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I showed this pic to my kids and they went wow !!

very very nicely done…

WAF appeal is excellent and such nice design and artwork makes an other wise boxy looking speaker so much fun…

Best regards

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well…I managed to engage my teenage daughter in this project. She draw on them. Althought it took her 6 motnhs and a lot of nagging to complete as after initial fascination, half way thorugh she has lost interest:-). Two pictures showing ‘inside’ walls.


Beautiful :clap: :grinning:

been a while since i posted on this topic…

I started work on an 18 inch subwoofer

I wanted to try increasing the subwoofer driver size in my room and see what happens next

Got a Faitalpro 18XL1600 8 ohm driver here locally.

Hope to have it completed soon… :smiley:


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Need more bracing.