Possible hub for Naim Pre-Amp to gain extra I/O connections

Hi all,

wondering is anyone has successfully tested or implemented an HUB or channel extension to allow more source connections to Naim Pre-Amp. I need to connect some Open Reels and therefore need I/O type extra channels.

Thank you

You asked the same question a year ago. It’s the same answer; get a QED tape switch box. It’s all passive, well made, good quality switches and well wired. You can get RCA Phono or DIN connector versions.

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Clearly you have a better memory than Salvo.

My reply would be the same as I posted in that thread! (Thanks, Richard, for saving me the effort of finding it!)

Yes, i do remember that post, and actually I did try to use at that time a Sony switchbox made specially for recorders. The result was terrible as the signal drop was enormous, and I left it there. Base on that experience I am wandering if there is something more “active” that can somehow regenerate the signal. Remember I am talking about one Naim channel being used to send signal to 2 or more outputs.


As I said on your old thread, the Sony may look nice on the outside, but it’s likely nowhere near the quality of the QED inside (QED is the opposite - looks mundane outside, but good quality components and build inside). In this case, passive should definitely trump anything active. Just be sure not to use any capacitive interconnects - the regular lavender/grey or Chord Chrysalis tape i/cs should be fine. Otherwise, QED do a 2-into-1 tape switching box as well. The NAC552 has three signal in/outs, so you could have up to six recorders connected using three 2-into-1 QED switch boxes.

OK Richard you have convinced me. I will invest in a QED box.
Thanks all. Will let you know how it goes.


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