Power blocks

I have a 500 system using a mid range power block. I have seen some esoteric power blocks - one was a Vertex Hirex Taga. In view of the fact that I have 2 x 500 DR power supplies to the ND555 and similar to the NAP 500 DR and the 552 DR will the more esoteric and expensive power blocks made any difference. I have seen a Vertex second hand for just over £1,000

There’s a healthy discussion on power blocks already, suggest you take a read Suggestions for Powerblocks

I can recommend one of these:

I know of two other forumites with 500 systems who have also been sufficiently impressed to get one.

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the most expensive powerblocks with 500 series used on the forum is the Anzus one. @BertBird use one. Perhaps also @Bart.
Some use Musicworks.
Some the Wireworld matrix 2 with powerline or also the Powerigel( musicline).
I bought the Eros titan. Great improvement. My 555dr is absolutely silent now.

The Ansuz prices vary widely. I use their entry-level block, A2 Mainz8. It’s not exotically priced, although their higher level blocks definitely are!

already 4500 dollars. But not 20k as the top block however.

What happened to the other power block thread? I’m trying to find comments about the Iso-teks.

i seems to have disappeared. You can open a new thread on it?

Someone started posting inappropriate & potentially dangerous stuff & it got removed.
I don’t understand why the whole thread was removed as it did contain some useful info’ on experiences with some popular power blocks on the market.

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Do you have to buy a power lead as well as the block. If yes, I have a spare Naim power line lead. Will this work?

I use a Naim PowerLine into a Wireworld Matrix block. Works fine but not sure if there are better options. I like to keep everything within the Naim ecosystem where possible.

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The last thread prompted me to do a little experiment. I currently run a a dedicated supply to three MK double un-switched sockets on 6m2 mains cable. Some were reporting improvements by just running the Amp directly from one socket then a powerline from the other socket into a power block. I resurrected an old Wireworld matrix block and did exactly that but found it to be inferior to the direct 3 socket connections. SQ was thinner and harsher using the block. The MK sockets produce a sumptuous, richer and more natural sound to my ears.

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Interesting. I don’t have a dedicated mains yet having just moved into a new house. I plug the power amp into the wall and the pre/cd into the block.

… … … & mine, thats why after a lot of experimenting, buying & borrowing ready made blocks I made my own. That was 5 years ago, never been tempted to even think about changing.


So, I’m running an Iso-Tek Polaris on loan and it’s cleaned things up nicely, which can be summarized as bringing everything into focus. However, those in the know recommended the Sirius power block as a minimum in my system, with the Aquarius recommended as preferable. Has anyone used either of these.

BTW, have learned quite a bit about differences between UK and NZ power mains and how the likes of Iso-Tek have advanced their technology to bring out the best in our toys.

Do you have access to Isol-8 in NZ? They are also highly regarded, and it could be worthwhile to demo them too before spending big bucks on a power block.

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Mike what’s the supply lead in your photo?

LAPP Olflex Classic 100 CY
3 core 2.5mm/2 multi-stranded OFC shielded cable
(beware of impostors & look-a-likes)

Its a chunky 11.8mm OD & rated at 26 amps.
The screen is connected to the earth (ground) terminal at the power input end (13A plug) only & left floating at the power board end.
Because of the cables size I use a MS HD Power 13A plug
The ferrite block is not yer usual www.store item, its a Fair-Rite 75 mix that is specific for low frequency operation between 150kHz & 5MHz. I now have it located inside one of the J-Boxes on the power board


Thanks Mike, and the internal wiring? I’m planning on making up something similar

Most of the internal gubbins in the J-Box’s is a state secret.
The wiring to the switched double is vin-ordinaire 1.5mm, it was for a TT & phono preamp but is no longer used
The wiring to the unswitched doubles is 2.5mm with PTFE insulation, its not available on the market & is a “left over” from my pre-retirement days. The wiring config to these is radial.