Power cable on a TT PS?

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I ordered a Vertere Challenger PS for my DG-1 turntable and also tried it with the optional Redline cable upgrade. TBH I wasn’t expecting much effect… However, it’s as much of an upgrade as the PS v wall wart itself. Much more bass, firmer grip and bigger soundstage and thats with it not even run in yet.

Rest of my system is DG1/ATVM540ML, Phono-1, NSC222, NAP250, power line lites, Quadraspire acrylic reference + Isopaws on TT and Phono-1.

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When I fitted Naim Powerline Lite’s to my Lingo 4 I definitely noticed and uplift in SQ.
Not so much on the AudioLab 7000CDT though. I would assume that that’s due to most of the SQ coming from the DAC, which in this case is my XPS DR powered NDX2.

Whatever you do, dont try a power line lite on your ndx2 and xpsdr.

The XPS DR is powered using one, is that bad?:flushed:

Not bad at all. Just don’t stick one in NDX2 if using Xpsdr.

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Phew… :cold_sweat: :joy: