Power consumption on my system


I have NDX 2, 250 DR, Supercap DR, 252, and some speakers from Piega Premium 5.2, could anyone give me an aprox on how much watt a such a system maximun could use when at its peak?

Not surprisingly, given energy cost rises, this topic has come up a few times recently. Have a quick search and you’ll find plenty of info.

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Not about energry costs here… Thank you for the answer… didnt find anything when i tried to search.

Try searching for ‘Power Consumption’ and you should get a few results.


Here you go; it’s the first result you get when you type power consumption in the search box. The question is what you do with the information. Not listen to music? Turn it off and suffer reduced quality? There are so many things you can do; turn down the heating, use led lights, leave the car at home and get on your bike…

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Thank you! Not that bad:)

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