Powerline help!

I cannot get this Powerline in…

I have a bad thumb, used to be really strong, and 30 years of stone and tile work killed my hands. I have it face down pushing as hard as I can and can’t get the “click” or whatever.

That’s in!:+1:t2:

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Is it? Well…maybe I’m still strong…lol…Lemme try it…

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Yep, I give you my word!

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Seconded, that should be in, as there is a gap between the silver body and the black part on the cable side. There is not really a “click” in my experience, it’s more like an initial resistance and then a feeling that something opens and grips.

Comparison pictures here:

Enjoy, looking forward to reading your experience


Is it much better than the previous lead….I wonder? :face_with_monocle:

Good description. I felt that.

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Yeah. OK.

And…. Impact should be instant on the Nova yes?

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Oui. Immediate. Everything. I’d say bass because bass is obvious; there’s a tuba in “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” that really stood out. But everything. Depth and presence. Wow is Paul a fantastic bassist.
Hold on. I just turned it up. Unreal. Unreal. And another thing! Well…two. For one, I realize the Chora 816 falls short in range, but secondly, for the frequencies it does play, it is flawless. Really quite amazing for the money.


Great, I found a Powerline on my Nova to be very worthwhile. Enjoy! Loud even, heat it up man!


A guy on the FB Naim wanna be page said he sells AQ Type 5 cables with Naim often with no problems. He said I’m listening too loud and should stay like 30-40dB. Lol…Where are GIFs when I need them.

oops…I guess he didn’t say 30…I extrapolated…


Clearly no problem then! 30 dB LOL :joy:

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Music needs to be felt as well as heard :sunglasses::notes:


A truer statement never posted.



I’m dying to see this :slight_smile:
Edit: Ah, saw the screenshot further up now

Well if it works with NACA5 and overheats with AQ Type 5, there is not much more to say really.
Though I suppose he might not be talking about dB but 45-48 on the volume display.


Mm not dB.

Powerline on Nova is a huge upgrade in my experience, yes difficult to know it’s hooked up correctly but you can only push so hard and it’s supposed to be decoupled.

It really makes little logical sense but enjoy :smiley: