Powerline on XPS DR - any benefit?

My XPS DR powers my NDX 2, then Hi-Line DIN into amp (RCA). Currently I power the XPS using an Audionet P10 power chord. Would a Powerline make any difference / be better?

Possibly- did you notice a difference between the Audionet power cable and the standard Naim power cable cable on your XPS ?

Did not try to swap cables, since the Audionet is a much better build than the standard cable.

The Powerline was designed with Naim kit, so you’d very much hope it provides some benefit. It’s an interesting design as it it’s a bit different to other leads concentrating on decoupling of the connectors and ensuring the conductor “jaws” makes as tight a contact as legally allowed. It’s well worth trying one for yourself, but do pay particular attention to getting the fitment correct;

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Worth trying - if you can hear a difference between the standard cable and the Audionet one then it would be worth borrowing a Power-Line and seeing what you think. I use them myself to good effect with both Naim and non Naim kit.

I looked up the 2012 price list when I got my one and only PL which goes in to nDAC, £ 450 ! NACA5 £ 16/metre !

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