Powerline question

My dealer offered me a powerline at an attractive price. Issue is however I do not have sufficient space behind my ndac for the connector together with some headroom for the cable. Dealer subsequently suggested to change the naim connector of the powerline by an angled Furutech Fl-12L connector. I hesitate to do this as I am not sure if the quality of the powerline is negatively impacted by this change. Any experience with this or advise?

I wouldn’t have it modified.
You could always use an adapter. Having said that, the “magic” of the powerline is in the design of the plugs on both ends, and using an adapter would be a compromise.


I wouldn’t bother, this is poor advice.

If you look at the description on Naim’s website for the Powerline you will see it says.

Completing the Power-Line is an IEC inlet plug that continues many of the decoupling and electrical continuity themes of the mains plug. It features floating contacts, combined decoupling and clamping, double wiper contacts and case eddy current suppression

The way the plug connects to the appliance is unique, and forms a lot of why it works so well.

Can’t you just move your rack forward a couple of inches?


Thanks, unfortunately I can’t move the ndac further forward.

The connector that your dealer is rather stupidly suggesting be removed is actually the most important part of the PowerLine and I’d expect them to know that. Just save your money and forget the whole idea.

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You can pull the cord almost directly straight down from its connector with Powerline. Super flexible. You must have 5-10cm left behind it at least?

7 cm max

Make a hole in the wall behind the iec connector ?

Already suggested to my wife. Response cannot be repeated in this forum!


move everything forwards a few cm? Is it on a freestanding rack or is this some sort of built in cabinet you’re talking about? Photo would help, regardless, removing the connector is pointless, may as well just get a £2 lead off Amazon instead!


Do not have the Powerline modified. As others have said this is very poor advice from your dealer who seemingly just wants to make a sale or just doesn’t understand the design. The IEC plug is critical to performance and if you are going to substitute it you will be totally wasting your money.

The Powerline cable is very flexible though, especially compared to many expensive power cords, so this may help. If you really don’t have room to accommodate the IEC cable/assembly then you need to abandon the idea.

Powerline Lite perhaps as a compromise?

Thank you all for your quick responses. This confirms my own thinking. I will abandon the idea for the time being and revisit when my set can be moved into a rack. At the moment this is unfortunately not possible.


With the risk of being “smacked” by everybody that suggested it was a bad idea, in case no other option is possible, actually it might not be a bad idea, after all, in case someone is not aware, for the EU version of the PL, Naim are using a Furutech Shuko Plug, which coincidentally has very similar characteristics as the suggested IEC by your dealer - floating field system, alpha grade copper conductors, vibration absorption, etc. Just saying…

At the mains end not the IEC end.

that’s what I said, right?

Understood, but even if it’s a bargain it’s still an expensive experiment that removes one of the key components that determines the benefit/cost in the first place, the obvious compromise (assuming OP is UK based) is a Powerline Lite for the time being.

But the OP has a problem at the IEC end, not the mains end if I read his posts correctly…

7cm is like, super tight. You should ask for few more centimeters of life from your wife. 15cm and you’re good to go.

And I made a comparison with the Shuko connector, being from the same manufacturer, with very similar characteristics. Nothing more, nothing less. Right?