Preamp noise

Hello again, thanks for helping sort cartridge out this is another vinyl question, with no source plugged into 82 preamp which has 523k boards fitted if the phono is selected I have found a little noise (static) which gets louder as the volume is increased is this normal or a sign that something is amiss, or perhaps just noise from the 523 boards, it’s perfectly quiet on the cd input even with volume cranked up, hope you can help again, regards Neil.

Sounds normal to me as the phono preamps are high gain whereas the CD input isn’t. If left is different to right, then I would be concerned, but not otherwise.

Hello, no same left to right thank you for putting mind at ease, now I can get on with business of finding that troika or having asaka rebuilt,
Probably the latter then it’s a keeper even if I find a troika, regards Neil.


With MC phono boards the extremely high gain required mean you’ll get more background “hiss” when you really crank up the volume, but it should not intrude at normal playing levels.

Agree. Normal - this is…

I also think that it is quite usual because of the high gain. The Superline has the option to change the capacitance. When I use the 4.7 nF capacitance instead of no capacitance the hiss is dramatically reduced. I do not know if there is an option to add a capacitance with the 523k boards too.

Hello thank you all again, my mind is now easy and the 82 will be serviced as soon as cartridge sorted then Darren can tweak the boards to suit, thanks again, until the next time, regards Neil.

Your Boards are currently K - ?? So could be converted to S - or even to E (mine were…).

I know K & S differ in their HF roll off. Not sure which would be less ‘hissy’…? ( @Richard.Dane )

I don’t think it makes much difference between S or K as the gain is the same.

But the HF roll off is different, between S & K - to suit Supex or Linn Karma carts…?
A higher HF roll off point might be more ‘hissy’…? No…?

I doubt you’d notice as the HF rolloff is well above what you or I might actually hear (i.e. above 20kHz).

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Hello and thanks for advice going to get asaka rebuilt and also looking for a good low mileage alternative, boards are sorted you are absolutely correct it is the gain and nothing to worry about, rather than start another chat I was wondering why all the hype regarding the lingo 1 from linn that got all the gubbins out of the turntable for a much improved sound, which I subscribed to and have bought a used one only to find out the all singing and dancing lingo 4 now puts the gubbins back inside the turntable, what’s that saying nothing new just re invented, regards confused.

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Yay… :grinning: Am sure you will enjoy it…!!

Lingo Mk1 here - only recently bought - last month… :crazy_face:

Hello are you getting your mk1 recapped, it’s not that expensive so I think I will next time I visit Darren, still trying to sort out asaka, gold ring prices are a little on the high side so looking for alternatives or might just buy the hana low cartridge seem to get good reviews, regards again Neil.

Yes - and no. I know exactly how to deal with the Lingo - but Darran is currently too busy to do it, unless I leave it with him. Its working fine… so there is no urgency… :slightly_smiling_face:

I never expect HiFi to be cheap… unless its pre-loved…

Goldring min charge is £300 +VAT = £360 - ? Not bad , IMO… but YMMV, etc

Hi like yourself I’m in no rush so will wait until Darren is quiet and take all kit for service and the turntable next door, I’m afraid I have to agree about cost thank goodness for quality used, it appears that gold ring prices have gone up e mail the other day and prices start at £400 plus vat, now I’ve got to decide if I just buy a new replacement such as the Hana sl or ml, poss sell asaka to offset the cost or even a new Krystal, as previous mentioned into easy listening no rock or jazz, what’s your thought. Neil.

I run DV 10X’s. I can get a p/ex of a new one vs my old one, for I think £439 - ???
A DV 10X is quite good enough for me, especially now matched with 523 E boards.

I sold my Linn Asaka, for £119 back in 2006. Obviously they are more now, I guess…

I am sorry but ‘Easy Listening’ does not compute. Error, fatal - 404.

Hi think I lost all or part of last reply, what’s your thought on krystal or Hana sl I should perhaps say relaxed listening, I remember the old linn cartridges had a nice bass line that’s what I’m after I suppose, thing is I live in a hi fi wilderness so no chance of listening to cartridges I’ve just got to make an educated choice, so any help is appreciated. Regards and thank you.

I made no comment - nothing is missing.
I barely know what you are referring to… Krystal… Hana - ??

My experience is almost all with Dynavector 10X’s (from Mk 1 to Mk 4, so far…) - with only a brief detour with a Linn Asak and an Asaka. Thats it.

Nothing to say… so… Others may know something… :thinking:

Am I perhaps missing something, maybe…?
The Linn Krystal I believe cost around £1200…?
The Hana SL is about £630…?

And - you say there is “no chance of listening to cartridges…”…?

Wow… :astonished:

I have never spent that much, on anything HiFi, without listening to it first. YMMV, etc…