My system is NAP250, Nait XS2 with FlatCap XS like preamp.
Could I start to think of real Naim preamp?
Thank you for advice.

With a 250, really you need 282 (comes with a napsc) plus hicap (which is needed to power it as the 250 and above cannot power a preamp).

And what NAC202? But it needs Hicap too…

You can power a 202 or 282 from the Flatcap XS to get you started. As @robert_h says, the 250 really deserves a 282 and a better power supply - A Hicap DR would be ideal.


Can I use Flatcap XS to power 202?
Thank you very much! It is good info!!!

You can but as others are saying, the NAP250 demands more than a NAC202.


Is there so big difference between 282 and 202?

Yes it is.


Oh can you? But that would be the first thing to replace; 282/flatcap/250 definitely doesn’t sound like a long term solution.

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Thank you all!
I start to look for some good offer of 282.
If you know any… let me know:-)


I haven’t experienced the NAC202 and NAP250 together, but I do remember comments on here saying the two are not an entirely happy marriage. I believe it was @ChrisSU who will possibly have more experience to share? I had a 282, HiCap and 250 and they were great together. Depending on your speakers and source and pre-loved xs series preamp might be a cheaper alternative to a 282, but a 282, HiCap, 250 is a classic Naim combination. Good luck!

282 is now discontinued so there should be dealers with boxes to shift, plus 2nd hand as others upgrade to the newest preamp/streamers.

There is NAC 272 second hand offer, but I have NDX streamer already.

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I meant someone with a 282 will part exchange as they upgrade to a 222 or higher, meaning there should be a healthy market of 282s right now.

Great! I´ll try to find some 282 on ebay(?)

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I’d start with Naim dealers; I know when I picked up my nait 50 he’d bought in a few from the last run of 282/hicap/xpsdr etc.

If you’re buying on eBay, make sure the 282 comes with its NAPSC. You’ll need that as well as the flatcap.

There is one on ebay actually for 1422GBP

That’s a great price for a preamp that used to retail for £5k. If it’s in good working order with all the bits that it came with originally, you could end up with a bargain. I understand there are Naim related scams on eBay too, so I guess do your research on the seller and proceed with caution.

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Thanks for help!