Prefix SC Nac52 setup

Hoping to take delivery of a SC next week.
Ive been trying to do some research on the connection guide but i seem to be getting confused the more i look for it. Try and fine a prefix manual….Just hoping a member could give me some comprehensive instructions please.

So the prefix to the SC i get that but what Snaic from the SC to my 2000 Nac52? 4 pin to 5pin? What colour snaic? Does Naim make a hiline to do the job? Keeping in mind it’s all running into 500 then to some minty SL2 speakers.
Thanks in advance :+1:

You’ll need to take the signal from the Prefix’s Supercap into the NAC52 via a 4-5 Interconnect. There is a 4-5 Hi-line, but with the Prefix I preferred the regular lavender/grey 4-5 interconnect.


Thank you Richard. I understand you prefer the lavender version and thank you for that wisdom., Assuming they do a black snaic is that a similar “Upgrade” as the black snaic was to the prefix?
Or is it because a dedicated SC is involved things aren’t the same and it’s a bit over/synergy/balance revealing like the Highline version maybe.
Sorry I have done the lavender cables in the past, i fine them musical enough, but not real revealing. Just me I guess. Mind you that was with a cds2 many years go.

Best not confuse SNAICs and interconnects here - two different things.

I found the lavender/grey 4-5 i/c just worked much better with the Prefix/SC than the Hi-line. I found the opposite when testing the Hi-line against the lavender/grey i/c with a top end Naim digital source.


Plus one to Richard’s advice. I’ve just added a Supercap to my Prefix and picked an unused 4-5 lavender for about £60. Sounds amazing.


A Snaic is a different cable for a different purpose. It wouldn’t fit in the sockets even if you tried to use it.

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Hello @Richard.Dane

Please may I ask your opinion on a similar topic.
(Indeed, anyone else that has specific experience of this topic)

Having just read your advice, above, I am wondering about connections from a SuperLine (instead of a Prefix), via HCDR to SN3.
Currently using the standard lavender / grey 4-5 DIN. It sounds fine.
But having had a positive experience with HiLine elsewhere, wondering about adding one for phono too.

What do you think?

Asking, because also using a HiLine 5-5 DIN elsewhere - nDAC to SN3, which is definitely worth while, compared to previous standard DIN, etc.

Hence question and exploring other’s expertise and wisdom.

Thanks in advance

:astonished: :crazy_face:

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I’d say it’s worth trying and then go with whatever is your preference.

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I’d try to find one used, so you can sell it if it doesn’t work for you. They cost about £900 and lose over half on resale.

Thanks for your thoughts…
Sure. That would be ideal. I’ve been looking for while now. The 4-5 pin version don’t appear so often.

There’s no rush…

Thanks again.

Sorry HH for picking your brains. I take I can exit the 4/5 din snaic front the SC and insert into any of the 52 inputs dins other than the prefix power din (b).
So the CD input would be fine? Or down at the Aux input for best sq?

Thanks to Richard s advice I have done this some time ago. SC on prefix is stunning

Please no snaic as connection between sc and 52.

From prefix there is a fixed snaic into supercap. Snaic cables carry signal and power.
From supercap to 52 you need an interconnect cable (4 to 5 - lavender or hi-line). Interconnects are signal cables only. lavender is really good - works fine in my system.
Tuner input should be the best one.



Ok thank you. I was still trying to finger out why 4 pin to 5 so assuming a snaic, I guess the extra pin at the preamp end is earthing related or something.
Ok interconnect as Richard pointed out. I’ve only dealt with 5 pin interconnects in the past please excuse my ignorance.

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All the signal inputs on a 52 pre are 5pin so some of the pins are not connected to anything. All the signal only outputs on the Supercap are 4pin with only 3pins connected. I guess that the pre 5pin was chosen for consistence with the signal input/outputs for the tape loops? Maybe 4pin for the PS because you can’t get 3pin dins? :man_shrugging:

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Setup the SC into the prefix today (I’m in NZ)
Had very little time with it before i had to go to work.
I’m picking up a grey 4/5 pin interconnect this Thursday, in the mean while I’m using a 4/5 pin hiline, yes Richard totally agree with your observation it was a lot warmer and laid back than running off the 52 preamp. Only had 15 minutes with it from cold and it was glaringly obvious. What was also glaringly obvious detail was up bottom was tighter with more grip really looking forward to the grey interconnect.

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Been a few days now simply breathless. Bottom end revolutionary, it’s like the 500 has gained 50 watts of bottom end grip with extra sound stage (not 552 level).
Highly recommend upgrade to the prefix if you can.


Told you so :slight_smile: