Primare NP5/Qobuz Advice Please

Are there any Primare NP5 owners out there using Qobuz?

I’m trying Qobuz at the moment and I’m very impressed with it.

The problem is, it keeps stopping!

I’m casting from the Qobuz app.

It doesn’t happen with Tidal.

I’m normally hard wired to my network, and have tried both wired and via wifi and get the same issue.

Any tips please?

Hi I don’t have a primare nps, but this happens to me too when I use comcast and the qobuz app. some albums I can get through with almost no issues others it gets stuck after every song. I haven’t dug too deep trying to fix it because it’s fine if I use the naim app to control qobuz instead (obviously not on option for you). I will be very interested to see what others say about this.

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Primare NP5 user here, no issues normally. I’ve not used it this week though, if there’s some sort of short term issue.

I usually cast to it from the Qobuz app. I do have a workaround using bubbleupnp, that might be an option if you can’t sort it out.

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I had a Primare Prisma NP5 Mk2 and I had the same problems Chromecasting from Qobuz and not from Tidal.
Casting Qobuz in Upnp with Mconnect HD doesn’t work good neither, lots of disconnections…
I contacted Primare support team and we upgraded the firmware manually because my version was too old to accept updates over the air. After this it worked, I could go to the last firmware version but casting Qobuz didn’t work better.
So I switched back to my Ifi zen Stream witch sounded better but not Chromecast compatible… ( I had SMPS Ifi power X on Zen Stream and Prisma NP5 Mk2).
Today I use a Ifi Neo Stream as a transport to feed my Qutest and It’s very satisfying…

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Sounds weird - my NP5 (Mk1) was able to download updated firmware via WiFi no issues (and was at latest firmware version according to Primare website).

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I’m on a MK1 as well, I think! I wonder what version of the hardware those with problems are using?

I’m assuming I’m on a MK1 as 2.14 is my firmware version, 2.15 is there latest for MK2 - do you know how to tell for sure which version, MK1 or MK2, from the box/labeling/settings?

Go to settings, system information.

Under firmware version, mine indicates MP5 MK2.

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Great, ta, I was expecting it to explicitly state MK1, but looks like that’s implied if it doesn’t list it as a MK2! Much appreciated.

Serial number begins with 81 or 82 (mk1 v mk2).

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I’ve been using an NP5 for about 5 months. 99% streaming qobuz using Chromecast.
I’ve only had a major problem on two occasions, both late at night. 3 seconds music, 10 seconds no music, repeat.

Other than a momentary glitch, probably half a dozen times, it’s worked perfectly.

Although, I have lost control of the streamer a few time due to using a mobile phone and tablet at the same time. :grin:

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I’m using my NP5 mk2 as roon endpoint so mainly use this way for playing Qobuz. Have tried Chromecast on occasion with Qobuz but didn’t have any issues or dropouts.

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What is Ifi Zen stream?

I’m on firmware v2.15(2) if that clarifies anything?

Qobuz appears as a casting option within the Primare app, but it just opens up the Qobuz app.

My firmware is fully up to date, as are all my apps.
It’s frustrating and I’m unlikely to stick with Qobuz, which is a shame because I like it.

It’s not just the music stopping thats an issue either.

The initial connection from Qobuz to the NP5 is a 50/50 chance on whether or not it works.

It regularly says that it’s connected but plays music through the phone, and occasinally when looking for the device name it changes the device name into what appears to be french!

Select a track you want to play in qobuz.
That track appears at the bottom of display.
Hit the track shown at the bottom.
Hit, This device. Bottom left.
Select primare streamer.

Browse Qobuz to select any track you want to listen to.

Thanks, i already do that.
When it does connect (which is about 50% of the time) it frequently and randomely stops playing.

That is of course when it does connect. Often it wont.
Intriguingly the name for the Primare NP5 as a casting option frequently displays in another language on the device choice screen (your third picture)!

If you look at the picture you’ll see what I mean.
Originally the cast option was Primare NP5 Mk2, but when i select it the speaker name changes.

As you can see in the picture, my device should be casting, but at this point the music is still playing on my phone.

I have an NP5 as a front end on my NDX.

I have always run Tidal, but I have for the past couple of months been trialing Qobuz, which was the main reason for buying the NP5, that and the possibility of Tidal HiRes FLAC as well in the future, when or if Primare finally get their act together with the promised Prisma update. I have heard it is in final testing, but……

Yes occasionally it seems to stop mid album, but more often than not it. will play full albums no problem. Then again the bare NDX was also prone to stopping anyway. I certainly have less freezes with NP5, that is for sure, and the NP5 really has breathed life into the old NDX, really happy with it, and see no reason to spend any more. The only thing I may do is get hold of an NDAC, which I am sure will improve things further, selling the NDX, would nearly cover it.

I use my IPhone 14 Pro as a control, and I generally use the Qobuz app, and stream via Chromecast which does allow HiRes up to 24/96. Prior to that I used Apple Airplay which did limit output to CD quality. Obviously when or if the update happens, everything will be hard baked into the NP5, so will do away with the need for Chromecast, and of course will give the 24/192 experience.
All connected via Ethernet and a Chord Clearway Digital 1 cable. I also upgraded the power supply to the Ifi Power X which gave a nice uplift in performance as well.
As regards sound quality, over the past few weeks due to a badly broken shoulder, I have had plenty of time to compare Qobuz to Tidal, and at the moment Qobuz wins 90% of the time. Yes there are albums that sound better on Tidal or vice versa of course, but that is normal.
I have managed to transfer pretty much everything over from Tidal to Qobuz, happy to say apart from the odd album by an artist not being available on Qobuz, I am more than happy, so much so that I have now cancelled my Tidal subscription.
I hope you manage to sort out your issues.


Update for me, since I asked help from the Primare support team my NP5 mk2 is up to date.
Since, no disconnection problem streaming Qobuz from Chromecast.
I bought 2 Ifi I Power Elite, 1 12v for the Zen Stream and 1 5V for the NP5 mk2 and what a surprise, the NP5 sounds now as good as the Zen Stream with the I Power Elite so I keep the NP5 which I love better because I can use Qobuz and Spotify without an other app that the streaming App! And NP5 with I Power X and I power Elite, what an upgrade it’s incredible !


Are you using fixed or native output.

Terry from Primare suggests fixed may be better, as the data goes through the reclocking chip.
He suggests trying different settings to find the sweet spot, which could be dependent on dac or digital cable.

I saw the video from Terry. That’s why I bought the Ifi I power Elite when I already had a Ifi Power X.
For the volume output I use fixed because I feed a chord Qutest and a Naim Nait 5Si integrated amplifier. I choose 2V rms for the fixed output of the Qutest.
I tried fixed and native for the output sample rate and choose native because I prefer to stay BitPerfect for Qobuz. I don’t see much of a difference. I think it’s because of the Qobuz quality Cd quality minimum.
Like Terry said I prefer fixed 192khz for Spotify.
I have a Spdif AQ carbon cable between the NP5 and the Qutest.
I never tried Toslink because the chief engineer of PSAudio said it was not as good as Spdif coax.
And it’s the case for my Yamaha cd player when I use the digital output


I know people say Toslink is not as good as Coax, but I think it’s an urban myth. I use a toslink cable that is supposed to be glass fibre or glass tipped. (I can’t remember which). IMO it’s better than other toslink cables I’ve tried and better than coax I’ve triad, but I’ve only tried low cost coax cables.

In Terry’s tips for getting the best out of the NP5 video, he suggests a lot of things, but doesn’t suggest coax is better than toslink. Plus he talks about setting up the NP5 for a friend, using toslink.

Also, I pretty sure Rob Watts, who designs the Chord dacs, recommends using toslink with some of his dacs.

I suppose at the end of the day, cables and setting choice is all down to system synergy and listeners ears. :grinning: