Proac K6 Signature and NAP300 DR


I have a NAP300DR and Proac K6 Signture.

I am not so happy with the bass, in my opinion to much and uncontrolled.

Is there anyone who knows this problem.

I am now thinking about upgrading to NAP500DR or leaving Naim for CH Precision.

What do you think?

Thank you,


Maybe the problem is the room instead of the system? Or maybe that’s simply too much speakers for the area?

Hi Mat

Nice kit. I assume you have had a good play about with speaker positioning and also your listening position?

How far out and off of the walls. Could do with some more info really. :+1:t2:

“Upgrading” to a 250DR maybe — @timmo1341’s Proac (non-signature though I think) also struggled with the 300DR.

I use a 300 with K6 in a large room and am very happy with it. No boomy bass. But it’s with my ears.

The K6 are the normal ones. They are positioned about 75cm away from the wall.

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I have original K6s. NAP 300DR really didn’t work in my lounge (16’ x 16’ - not large). Uncontrolled, booming bass, very unpleasant! Substituting a 250DR solved 95% of the issue, with the amp totally in control. My dealer spoke to Naim and Stewart Tyler (owner of ProAc), who suggested that course of action, as this was not the first time this issue had arisen. Final step was putting Stillpoints Ultra SS under speakers. Expensive, but an unbelievable transformation. Not only was bass perfection (to my ears) achieved, but the whole sound was given a significant uplift. Two years on and I’m still smiling every time I listen (which is for a minimum of 3 hours daily!).

Good luck.


That’s really interesting Timmo, what did they think the reasoning was for the 250DR to seemingly work better than the 300DR.
Logically you would just assume that the 300 would have better control of them over a 250. :+1:t2:

I had the same problem with my ex 300dr. Enjoying the 250 dr since one year :+1:


I think @timmo1341’s story is really an important one. In this place, more is normally discussed as “better” (300 better than 250, for instance). But sometimes less can be more — even with big speaker like the K6…


There was no scientific analysis given! I’m sure much of it was due to negative interaction with my square room - it’s probably a sound engineer’s nightmare! It would be interesting to try the 300 now with the Stillpoints, but to be honest I love what I have so much, why would I want to spend that much on what I truly believe would be only incremental improvement? I’m one of the lucky minority on this forum who is truly content with my system, and has no desire to explore any form of upgrade. The only money I’ll be parting with will be on servicing and music.


What was the last upgrade to your system that made you feel like you hit audio nirvana?
good to hear! :+1:

Your system is well balanced. I have the same system, however using Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 3, and don’t have your problems. Very controlled and stable bass. Have you tried some room acoustic treatment especilly behind your speakers?

I’m under no illusion there are many ‘better’ systems than mine out there, and many owners prepared to work far harder than me to achieve what they’re searching for. I make no claims at all, other than mine gives me everything I want from a music system.

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I had the ProAc D48R and had serious bass boom/excessive bass with almost your exact Naim electronics.

Moved them on, it’s a shame , as they did 80% of what I wanted from a speaker, just couldn’t get the bass under control in my room.

I suspect all ProAc speakers from the D48R - upwards need a significant amount of room to breath and/or very careful system matching & speaker isolation devices (like Tommo) to work well.


Curious… how old are your K6 Sig’s? Mine were uncontrolled and messy for the first 100+ hours. Now I’m very happy with the bass. I use a 552/500 which provide excellent depth and control. Interesting comments about the NAP300… perhaps this is the problem?

Can you tell us more about your room and placement?

I am on my second pair of ProAc. D40R first. Moved on in favor of K6’s last year. We love ours. They work well with our NAP500 and SuperLumina speaker cables. I also have a Verdier turntable which is sensitive to feedback from our suspended hardwood floor. We started with the Fat Glider from Herbie’s Audio Lab under each of four corners of the D40R.

We upgraded for the K6 to the following from AV Roomservice. Now I can turn the 552 up past 12:00 with a record on the platter of the Verdier, which is on the top shelf of the Fraim. No feedback at that level. This volume runs our friends out of the room, so I feel pretty good about the vibration control. With the turntable off and the stylus on the platter, there is no feedback ring when we tap the base of the Verdier. Zero. That feels pretty good to me. More money than the Herbies, which I like very much.

Check them out. These setups have been a winner at our house. Never tried either with a NAP300, but I would think the 300 would be easier to deal with. We loved our 300 when we had it.

I think the K6 may be our last stop on the speaker merry-go-round. Maybe a K6 Signature someday. Find a way to make them work. We receive nothing but compliments from friends who can’t believe how good they sound.

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leaving Naim? surely this can’t the solution?

I think you may find that another speaker (like Dynaudio confidence range) may solve the bass boom issue.

I do like proac speakers a lot myself but I did notice some installations where the bass boom was unacceptable.

it’s down to the room unfortunately


The room is manageable with my suggested vibration treatment. The bottom firing woofer has tradeoffs, which you can manage. They are much easier to deal with than the rear firing bass of something like Rockport which require you to move the speaker way out into the room. The back of our ProAcs is about 18" - 24" from the wall behind them. My wife is very happy with that. She could not live with more distance from the back wall without interfering with the activities in the room. I get the speakers I want. She wins the argument on placement. The vibration treatment makes it all work and makes everybody happy. Check it out if you have a suspended hardwood floor.



Thank you for your help.

My K6 are from June and played arround 30h now.

My room is 6m x 5m half wood walls, and the Proacs are on the longer side 60cm away from the walls.

I tried lots of standpoint, but I am not very happy with.


Mat. As a long time ProAc owner and one time dealer here’s what I think. You should be on the shorter wall. I’d recommend a setup with speakers firing down the long way it’ll help with bass. Next the K6 Sig’s are big! I recommend a minimum of 95cm off the rear wall and about 2.25 meters apart, toed in at the listening position so the insides of the cabinets are just barely not visible. Also what speaker cables are you using? And 30 hours isn’t even close to break in! 200 hours is 75% of the way there.