Proac K6 Signature and NAP300 DR

bad idea, need lots more.
Anyway you tried lots of standpoints and didn’t improve as you say.
Speakers are loading too much your room.
The problem in in the speakers.

Can it be different front ends that contributes to such different views of the bass performance of 300DR. It seems like 300DR is very sensitive to what you feed it with meaning the problem might not be 300DR, instead the matchning with what’s driving it. In my case I thought it provided less bass (amplitude) than my 250DR. Driving it with a clean 272.

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I’m a recent convert to ProAc and I must say I have no problems with excessive bass whatsoever. But then as they are Tablette 10 Signatures that’s perhaps not surprising…

A couple of thoughts - did you have the speakers installed by an experienced dealer who knows how to place them to optimise the sound, indeed did you have a home demo before buying? The other thought is that if you’ve had them since June and have only used them for 30 hours you are only using them for an average of 12 minutes per day, which seems very strange. I’ve had my T10s for 10 days and they are already way over 30 hours.

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Fully agree with comments about the run in period. I bought the smaller K3s in March, and would agree that a couple of hundred hours are required before serious listening. The bass changed markedly during this period, more so than any other aspect. I think the ProAc user manual even mentions this.

It also says that room effects can be substantially reduced by adopting an equilateral triangle listening position - speakers 8 ft apart, listening position 8 ft from speakers.

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Townsend platforms or Stillpoints should help. It helped me a lot personally ( cerabases)

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Exactly what I referred on my post. It’s not unusual. ( unfortunately… such a waste)

Fault is Not with speakers, fault is in room and setup. If one put skinny winter tyres on a Ferrari and the car handled like crap one wouldn’t blame the car, but the Wrong tyres!

But a Ferrari in Sahara desert is a crap, not ?
I would not dissociate room and speakers. They have to match each other.

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Oh stop it now, you got my analogy, silly :chicken:

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Not sure it has to be funny, but I find it funny :joy::joy:
A rooster is really a silly animal :laughing:, but funny too.

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that’s exactly what I meant

Agree with others. K6 simply too big for your room, by the sounds. Not the speakers or 300 fault. I’ve had D28 and now D30RS in 5x5m room with high ceilings and they’re just right - took a bit of work to get low-end sorted, but no problems now at all. You might find something a lot smaller like the 2-way D30’s are all you need in your space and save dosh.

oops - meant to say speakers are with a 250dr

Hi, Django,

Thank you, my room is arround 35sqm.

I had the 30R and the K6 signature ist much, much better, much more precision, much more natural, but I think now also the combination 300DR and K6 is the problem.

I have also a smaller and much cheaper Naim NAP150, and the problem is solved to 90%.

Wish you a nice weekend, here it snows :wink:


The 300DR being the problem with K6 is not my experience.

My K6 were paired with a 250-2 for around five years that was then replaced by a 300DR. It brought more control to what was already an excellent system. Basses were more tensed, not more invasive.

But My listening room is large (9x6m).

I think you’re probably right. The 300 is, without doubt, a fine amp. When I first heard the K6s in my dealer’s demo room (approx. 8m x 7m) it was with a 300DR, which I fully intended to buy. They sounded magnificent together (front end was the one I have now). It would seem, without doubt, the problem lies with the amp/speaker/room interaction.

What I would also add is that whilst, without doubt, speakers generally improve with use from new over time, they won’t, in my experience, transform from rubbish sound to wonderful! If they have significant problems from the off, as per my experience, look for alternative solutions. I knew I loved the sound of the K6s, so keeping the 300 and swapping speakers wasn’t an option for me. Some feel improved amplification is more important. You pays your money…

You’re Just avoiding the bass to overwelm by limiting the bottom end and much more.
You are not solving anything
At that point you would turn to much lesser speakers and even get more balance.

We have fun flipping gear and moving on to something else, but I don’t see many reports of your dealers helping you tune your rooms. Or bringing in an acoustician.
250DR and 300DR sound a little different, but there are better ways to control a boomy speaker than sell it or change amplifiers.
I am going deep down the hole next time as I’m going to redesign my room with REW, Roon and room treatment. (Say that fast 5 times)

The K6 Sig’s are not Boomy speakers! Get them further into the room a meter from rear wall is a minimum. If you can’t do that then you will probably always have too much bass. Also still wondering what Speaker Cable are You Using??