Problem with Asset

Hi, I hope someone on here will be able to help a non-techie member!
I have Asset installed on my Synology NAS with around 500 cd’s recorded on it. I stream these to an NDX2 using the Focal Naim app on my android phone. All software/hardware versions are up to date. Everything has been fine until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that many of my cd’s had suddenly disappeared from my library on my focal/naim app.
I checked my music file on the NAS and all my music was still there. So, I asked Asset to clear the database and rescan all folders. When it had finished I looked on my focal/naim app and could see 1, 2 or 3 copies of each album. I have cleared and rescanned 3 times now but am still getting either 1, 2 or 3 copies of each album.
I’m sure there is a simple solution…can anybody advise?

Have you rebuilt your music database in other settings in your Naim app?
Also make sure the recycle bin on your NAS is empty, as content there can be pulled over by your streamer.

Thanks Neil, I did have a few files in recycle which are now deleted. I’m running another clear database and rescan and when that’s finished I’ll rebuild the music database on the naim app (didn’t know this had to be done…probobly is the culprit).

@philifa Asset will only include files in the folders you describe in the AssetUPnP configuration utility. I would check these settings and make sure they correspond with the specific NAS folders.

I would only expect the Naim App to show what Asset tells it.

Blimey, now I remember why I like putting a record on :wink:


Funny, because I sometimes read some threads on here about vinyl and then remember why I like to stream.


Sorry but the problem is still there.
However, I can now see what is causing the problem but can’t see the solution
…for example, I list by all albums and Absolutely Free by Frank Zappa shows and Absolutely Free by Frank Zappa, Frank Zappa is also there. So albums are are showing 2 or 3 times because the artist’s name appears twice.

Maybe a metadata issue. Someone will post soon with some knowledge Im sure.

If there were no issues up to now consider any changes you’ve made recently that may be causing issues. Asset usually runs without a hitch in my experience. As was mentioned I’d confirm Asset is pointed at the correct media folder and you have no duplicates in other folders. Also, I’ve observed that rebuilding the database takes some time so maybe consider letting everything settle then reevaluate.

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Paging @Mike-B

Not sure if this helps at all but as I like to view by album in the Naim app, I have usually had to add a specific ‘album artist’ line in the metadata of an album. I use the dbpower software to do this. Some CDs have this already, some downloads from artists’ site don’t always. I then use the Asset tree to arrange by album and search in the Naim by album artist. The Naim app will find all the albums by artist naim.

I do seem to remember a version of Asset 6.something that messed around with my albums and I had to reall be diligent with the above naming strategy. Eventually I got it how I like it.

Putting a record on is easier……!

Asset should do this for you….

Setting is:
Fill missing Album Artist tags from Artist or Compilation tags


Thanks Iain, I did see this but was afraid to try it in case it did something ‘bad’ to my collection, so did it manually, it wasn’t too bad about 20 or 30 albums out of 1000.

Asset, unlike some other software, doesn’t mangle your media files as far as I know!

I think the setting just means Asset will infer the Album Artist when reading the metadata into the music index.

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@philifa Asset does not mangle files - it just reads the file metadata and creates indexes. (Most server software does exactly the same).
There are some configuration parameters as mentioned above that will cause an action if some metadata is missing i.e. AlbumArtist.
You can correct the metadata with dBpoweramp. But something must have changed if everything was OK previously. I also suggest examining the metadata for any albums that are “duplicated” and correcting any that are wrong.
How was your music ripped? Other users have had issues with poor ITunes metadata.

Did you check the music folders Asset is looking at in the Asset Configuration Utility (in Edit Advanced Settings) and whether these agree with your current NAS folder layout. Perhaps you can post a screenshot of that part of the configuration utility and the present NAS music folder structure.

I would love to get involved, but my music is all shut down & the house is in disarray at the final phase of a 15 nearly 16 year long house insurance claim fiasco - no you don’t have the time and would not believe it anyway.

However, without being able to look & experiment with my own system to replicate what’s going on, I doubt the NAS or Asset have caused this problem, Asset only reads album metadata, so I suspect a setting in Synology or a misapplied something is doing this.
Look into the NAS music tree over your laptop file explorer, if it is a just single file, with a single tree with artist or composer branches, then it should be OK.
Focus on the Synology settings, reset Synology, then reset Asset

Have you made any progress?

A few more thoughts in addition to above post re Nas folders -

  1. Rescan your music folders using the AssetUPnP Configuration Utility - probably take 30 minutes for 500 cds depending on speed. Check the counts for albums and tracks displayed at the end of rescan. Do they seem about right?
  2. Access via Artist/Album on your Naim app at least for now. This is the way most users seem to use it and it is more revealing.
  3. You can now check your Frank Zappa example.
  4. Some metadata can cause “albums” to be split i.e. different or missing AlbumArtist, different Disc number, different album name. You can examine these albums and correct metadata via dBpoweramp. The change will be made instantly in Asset just refresh lists in your Naim app. Note even if albums are split all tracks should only appear once but Asset thinks they are spread across different albums. The tracks should not be duplicated. All perfectly logical.

I have tried ticking and unticking boxes in Asset Options and in the “edit browse tree” to no avail.

I have cleared and rescanned many many times and it always comes up with the correct number of tracks and albums. There is defin itely only one file on the NAS that contains my music -