Problem with Naim App and Android

Hi, excuse me for my bad english.
I own a NDX streamer and two Android devices. I created some playlists by the tablet, but now I am not able to delete them all. All my music is on a Western Digital My Cloud Upnp server. I already cleaned the device’s cache, reinstalled the Naim App, factory reset of the NDX and reconstructed the Western Digital server memory, but nothing worked.
Can someone help me, please ? Thank you.

Playlists are stored on the Android tablet. So you need to delete them via the Naim App.

Select your chosen playlist and it’s in the “three dot” menu.

Thank you for the answer Guinnless, but in the three dot menu doesn’t appear the delete voice, only “play now, queue next, queue last, new playlist”.

You are not selecting the playlist but the album instead. You need to go to the home screen and select the playlist from UPnP Playlists.

Thank you again, this is my screenshot, I can’t understand

Your screenshot shows no playlists at all, so there is nothing to delete.

Could it be that you have set up playlists on the UPnP server (using the UPnP server’s own UI) rather than using the Naim app?

In that case you’ll need to use the UPnP server’s UI to alter them.

Thank you for the answer Xanthe. I’m sure I created the playlists via Naim app.

Thank you Guinnless, I tried to create a new playlist but I was not able because “there are too many playlists”

You may need to drop Naim Support an email.

Ok, thank you Guinnless.

You said that you have two Android devices. Have you created playlists on both of them? Do they both show this error?

Thank you ChrisSu, I created the playlist by the tablet, but the smartphone too shows this problem

and it shows the same tracks and playlists.

Where? Your screenshot didn’t show any playlists.

The way it generally works, unless there has been a significant change that I have missed, is that each individual Android or iOS device stores its own playlists, and they are not automatically transferred to other devices. So if you created playlists on one device, I’m struggling to see how you could even see the same playlists on another device. Unless, perhaps, you restored the app on one device from a backup of the other?

Thanks for your time, no I did not restored one app from the other device’s backup. This evening, when I will come back home, I will post another screenshot to show you where I find the playlists.

Thanks for your time Guinnless, This evening I will post another screenshot

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Yes, that might help us to see what is going on.

Hi, this is the 1 screen