Problem with Supercap or 282


I have a 282, Supercap, napsc, nap300 setup.

The Supercap is a recent (used) upgrade and initially everything was great. I then swapped out the non-naim 5-pin cables for Naim snaic’s. Since then I’m not getting sound from any source except cd when I can hear it faintly when I turn the volume to 2 o’clock position. I’ve borrowed a snaic that I know works so that isn’t the problem.
Anyone any idea where the issue might lie?

Thanks in advance,

Is the NAPSC still connected properly controlling the relays so that source selection actually works? Can you try redoing that connection?

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What happens if you swap back to the previous cables…?

Check all the plugs are in properly. I remember when I added the 300dr to my setup one of the Burndys wasn’t seated properly and this gave me similar problems.

Unfortunately I don’t have the previous cables an longer…

I’ve disconnected and reconnected the burndy’s but still the same issue

I disconnected and reconnected the napsc but it makes no difference. I can still select any source and get faint sound when I whack up the volume.

has the preamp defaulted back to rca input after powering it down? im assuming your using din on you source

or the other way round


Check the connections to the NAP300. Swap the XLR leads around. Left to right.

You are totally loosing the signal, somewhere. At 2 o’clock volume on a Naim amp, you ears would bleed.

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Yes, my source is DIN but the issue is also with cd and a/v sources.

As it was working with the previous cables, do you have the two SNAIC5 cables between the Supercap and 282 connected to the right sockets ?

282 upgrade 1 socket to Supercap socket 1

282 upgrade 2 socket to Supercap socket 2

You could also try just one SNAIC5 between 282 and Supercap. Link plug back in link 2 socket on the 282 and 282 upgrade 1 connected to Supercap socket 1

And we have a winner!
Swapping the XLR leads has done the trick! I was sure that I’d carefully followed the connection diagrams but clearly not.

You’ve saved my (and my wife’s) Christmas. I’ll be able to listen to the anticipated present of the remastered Revolver after all.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Merry Christmas!



You will not be the last person to have dismantled a NAP300 (or 500, or 135) system and lost the signal like this.

Think. Different.

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Ah yes - part of the 300 experience is getting the leads around the wrong way and no sound. You only do it once :wink:

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A 250 cannot do this… Simpler… :grin:


I will certainly remember when the 300 comes back from the service it’s getting next year.

For some reason I have two stereo xlrs between my 52 and 135s rather than mono. I therefore never have this problem. Although I have ended up with the channels the wrong way round in the past. A quick blast of Stairway to heaven intro helps confirm they are the right way round. :wink:

I’m in that club!

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I don’t want to sound like an old biddy, but is it all right to do that?

I’d certainly never dare using the ‘wrong’ XLRs with my 135s.

It’s not going to damage anything using stereo DIN to XLR cables, instead of the ‘handed’ mono versions, There may be a slight SQ disadvantage as you have an unused channel in each stereo cable so an increased level of capacitive coupling to the unused channel.

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