Project VC-E or VC-S2?

I have been using the Knosti Disco Antistat for manual cleaning of my records. I use a solution of 4 parts distilled water : 1 part IPA + 5ml Ilfotol/litre. Works well and my airways also get a good disinfecting in the process by breathing the fumes. :grin:

However I have been told that an RCM is better at doing the job since it sucks out any particles form the grooves. I’ve heard good things about Project VC-E and VC-S2. Are there any major differences between the two or should I go for the cheaper one?

Ive read that the vacume exhaust hole on the
VC-E blows vapour onto the underside of a record that may have been just washed. The VC-S2 apparently doesnt have this problem so may be the one to go for.

I have not checked this out myself, just something I read. Thought I’d mention it in case its true.

Hi, I use the E and its great.
Agree re the small exhaust hole but I modded mine to blow out the side.
Easy job.

See here:


Before you take the plunge, it may also be worth researching the Okki Nokki machines and weighing up the differences between, specifically if the full platter of the Okki is preferable (in my case it was). They have a new machine just launched called the Okki Nokki One. Worth a look.

Conversely, I don’t like a full platter on an RCM and have a VC-S MK1 1/2 which I think is great. It replaced my Nitty Gritty and was a nice step up. Given the choice I would definitely go for a new VC-S2.


I have a Nitty Gritty which is c 35 years old and slowly disintegrating so this is good to hear. Have you got / tried the 7" adapter they now sell?

Yes, I have the 7" adaptor. I haven’t used it much but it seems to work well too.

Excellent, thanks.
The Nitty Gritty 7" adapter is designed for singles with large centre holes and although you can use it with small centre holes it’s not ideal. Also singles with a sharp edge (most injection molded [plastic] labels) can chew through the rubber capstans at an alarming rate.
I feel a purchase coming on!

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I looked into the Okki Nokki and the full platter put me off. When you place the record on it the dirty side will have contact with the platter and once you clean the top and flip it, that means that the clean side will have contact with any dirt and dust that may have been left by the dirty side.

The Okki Nokki One comes with a label size platter.
The website says:

• single control button / extreme easy in use
• bi-directional full size 12 inch platter
• AND including label size platter
• record clamp with label cover and single adapter
• extremely silent and powerful vacuum system
• waste fluid reservoir with level indicator!
• all-in-one vacuum arm 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch
• goathair brush, one liter record cleaning fluid
• including beautiful dustcover

Dont let that put you off.
For me the smaller and cheaper version was the way I went. The exhaust hole is a bit poor, but not a real issue.
I do intend to modify it properly once the warranty has run out!

It really is a non issue, especially having used both machines (both excellent btw). All the user needs to do is wipe down the rubber platter occasionally with a dampened (with distilled water) microfibre cloth, and if cleaning a particular filthy record, then wipe down after cleaning each side. To reiterate again, it really is a non issue! The platter is only touching the top of the record anyway, and not the sensitive disc grooves.

Each type of machine has its pros and cons, loyal fans and will get the job done, but for me, the benefit of the rigid platter far outweighed not having a rigid level surface to site the record securely, and apply the cleaning liquid evenly, and if need be letting it sit on the surface for a few minutes for there detergent to soften any contaminants, plus the Okki Nokki seemed batter made too. If my Okki Nokki failed and needed replacing, I would specifically seek out a machine with a platter - Clearaudio, Okki Nokki, Nessie etc.

Good luck choosing :slight_smile:

You are right. They now offer the option of label-size only platter for the new Okki Nokki One machine that came out this year. Hadn’t noticed that.

Apart from the rigid platter is there any other major difference that would justify £100 more for the Okki?

I’m really not sure. For me the advantage is the full size platter and that would tip the balance in terms of the extra expense, but it is a lot more if you are not sold on that feature.

I think both machines now have more sound insulation as the vacuums were fairly noisy, although I never thought they were that bad in the first place.

Also, the Okki Nokki 100 now has a clamp which will protect the whole label, unlike on my old machine. A real benefit as I have to be pretty careful when applying cleaning fluid to stop getting drips on the label. Only had one mishap, but had a microfibre cloth at hand so no drama.

I bought a VCS 2 in the summer and cannot recommend it enough. Has improved the sound of all my old LP’s and I also now use it on new albums as it gets rid of static brilliantly. The smaller platter means that you are not putting a just cleaned side onto something solid. The exhaust vent is on the side. The tank never seems to need emptying- the residue seems to magically disappear. Price is reasonable and can be found at a discount on line. No brainier IMHO!


If you do say, 40 records in one go, you can drain out some goo from the tank. Its horrible. A dark yellow colour.
But, yes most of what you use evaporates with the warm exhaust.

I am assuming that with either the Project or the Okki I can use the home-made distilled water+ IPA solution as well?

Yes, you can, although I would recommend you use Pro-Ject’s own Clean It fluid. It’s very effective, alcohol free, and relatively inexpensive (around £50 for a litre of concentrate) and as you only use a little bit diluted with distilled water it will last a long time.

I have seen the “alcohol free” mentioned in several places and always wondered if it does have any significance? I.e. does it have any negative effects on vinyl?

The argument against using alcohol is that you then prevent any long term adverse effects.

My own view is that so long as it’s heavily diluted then any risk must be minimal.

However, i found that the Clean it fluid was at least as good as my own isopropyl, distilled water and Ilford Photo flo formula, and possibly better still. It was designed for purpose and for use with the VC-S so I have been using it, and am very happy with it so far.

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