Proper Stand Worth the Outlay?

Hello, was just wondering what thoughts are on whether a correctly setup stand makes that much difference musically? I’m not talking about stack order, just whether the stand itself makes a difference. I’m using a modified walnut TV cabinet. Note the bodge drawer replacement. Space is limited; am in a small cottage. A Fraim or some such is a fair outlay, albeit not when compared to the cost of much of the actual hifi.

In short: yes!


A proper dedicated rack will make a noticeable difference.
Not sure I’d go the whole hog and get Fraim. I use Hutter which is great and know happy users of Isoblue and Quadraspire.
Steve O.

I threw out my big triangular rack a few years ago - it was spiked throughout and did a very good job but it was as ugly as sin. My wife, rightly, hated it…so I adopted a unit much like yours, but I suspect of lower quality. Yours looks quite hefty. You use it for the TV too I think, which I never did. Would that be a factor in a new unit/rack?

Finally, fed up with the sound, I changed to my present Atacama Evoque. A total step up in SQ.

There are some lovely looking racks out there. Hi Fi Racks do more of a ‘furniture’ look in their range, tho I don’t know about SQ. Pretty good, I’d think.

Until you do this you won’t appreciate why some of us bang on how important a good rack is to the performance of a system.

The difference somthing like a Fraim makes is absurd, and does slightly beggar belief but having made the change I’m very much convinced how important it is.

If you have the room and the money then do it!

Thanks for this.

The TV is currently above the hifi so would be good to get it off. I keep banging my head on it when changing cables anyway. Have checked out the Hutter SteveO suggested and looks great.

I’m supposing the reason behind this improvement is less interference between the units. Having said that, they’re fairly far away from each other now so perhaps there’s so wizardry in the rationale.


I own Hutter, isoblue and Fraim racks, they do make a difference put simply.
If you want the TV on top as in your current setup you could look at HiFi Racks for example. Hutter also do AV wider stands which you can combine with hifi kit width equivalents.

If you like the Hutter it’s available in two widths: 500mm & 600mm. I have two stacks of the 500mm width side by side. I think the 500mm width frames the kit better.
Steve O.


Thanks. Pleased we share wallpaper taste

You can add glass shelves with nuts and ball bearings for isolation if you like. You don’t need a Fraim to enjoy a good hi-end Naim system. A bit of refinement and DIY works great for a cabinet and is much better for hiding cables. Here’s my modified cabinet with the bottom drawers removed.

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If you go forward with anything other than a Fraim you’ll always think :thinking: what if…


Especially if he follows the Forum…,.


Same as one I’ve got :slight_smile:
Nice in black/silver too

That looks stonking

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Absolutely… though in my experience some components more sensitive than others to the benefits.
With Fraim for example I find its most beneficial on Naim CD players and NACs.
Fraim on the CDX2 is equivalent to adding an XPSDR powersupply… it’s that significant.
I find all components benefit from space / distance around them, again Fraim has this optimum and you have upto three heights to play with. I keep digital and PSUs away from the NAC, and ensure interconnects and Burndy leads are free hanging.

I guess being objective why spend a lot on replay products, if one is not going to suitably position and locate them on their appropriate stands… and with many Naim products, certainly the higher end, resonance control is a key part to the overall performance.

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I use a double width quadraspire rack and was lucky enough to score their tt wall shelf at a really good price. Without the wall rack, the lp 12 was difficult to get near. Foot steps really set it off. I have never auditioned rack systems, but for my (relatively) humble system and the fact that the room is compromised between different uses and decor , I feel it was a good addition without getting completely obsessed with ultimate sq- but rather enjoyable sq.

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The quadraspire racks do their job very well. While not up to Fraim standard, they are extremely effective at their price point and have a very high degree of domestic harmony.

If we’re talking about the best cost performance ratio, so many of us started with Soundstyle Tripod (matt black with ash shelves with optional isolated top shelf). Dirt cheap, performs way above the price point. Not hugely decor friendly but everything better costs 3 times more. Second hand they can be had for GBP40. They did a more expensive gloss version with glass shelves but wasn’t nearly as good.

I hate mine with a vengeance…
Badly designed (in that even some naim kit is blocked from getting the cables in easily)
Frustrating, in that as soon as you touch ANYTHING the glass shelves fall off the balls and the balls then ping off into a void never to be seen again
And rediculously over priced for what it is and how long it has been about.

Just my 2p


Not sure I have the same dim view. But any fully decoupled rack such as Fraim, must be avoided if you live in an earthquake prone location. A 250 quickly becomes a square cannonball in just the wrong sort of jolt.

I can’t be doing with regular rack strip downs and rebuilds either.

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