Pulled the trigger on recapped nDAC

The “full loom” of Powerlines is really good. They ‘seem’ to work together. BTW the XS is one hell of an underrated amp. If I’d known then what I know now, I’d probably still have my XS-2 amp.

I’d never heard of Thievery Corporation.

Few tracks on “The Mirror Conspiracy” which have thundering basslines whilst also requiring delicate treatment of treble (drums, electronic beats) and a strong midrange for the vocals. Real system testers.

Really enjoying this album on our current 272 can’t wait to queue this up on the new boxes.


Well I have some of their vinyl…they are crazy good. Here is their finest album IMO:

Live they are amazing:

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@IainO Nother good bass test song:

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@IainO this is a thundering audio quality test…always blows me away.

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@SnaicInTheGrass thankyou for the recommendations.

I have listened to the following this evening and thoroughly enjoyed them all:
The Mirror Conspiracy
Radio Retaliation
Culture of Fear

Anyone who thinks the SF Sonetto 3 are lacking in bass weight should add these albums to their audition list!

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Now to try a better streaming service than Spotify if you’re having this much fun. It would be a free and very good upgrade :sunglasses:

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I listened to all the recommendations on Tidal!

Will purchase a couple of the albums to get them onto the NAS.

Try richest man in babylon

How is Tidal free?

A free upgrade from Spotify to Tidal or Qobuz. Unless your using free low-res Spotify, which would be a mortal sin with any decent hi-if system.

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So after the two cable upgrades I listened liked a fiend, but now I think my hearing is broken for a bit. Usually I need to step away from the hifi for a week or so and just watch movies or something…anyway after awhile I’ll get a 2nd wind if you will and the system will really sing.

  1. System upgrade
  2. Listening binge
  3. Hearing exhaustion
  4. Rest
  5. 2nd Honeymoon and eternal bliss (until next upgrade).

Anyone else experience this with a change to their system?

Note: My wife mentioned the music! I didn’t tell her anything, but she said “I liked listening to your music.” This is very key because usually she wants to turn it down and doesn’t like it in the vast quantities I do. When I change something I try to see how she responds just in passing, without telling her so I get a true reading.

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I’m on #2 right now after installing a 2nd power line. I’m relistening to all my favorites. I’m at the point where I’m unhappy if I can’t get a solid hour of listening nightly.

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Cd’s from the Oppo to the Venus were much better than USB from my Mac to the Venus. I tried it. Having moved on to a nDac I’m pretty happy. I preferred the Venus but couldn’t accept the skips. I added a Tripp-Lite HDMI to SPDIF converter (that cost next to nothing) to get hi-res SACD from the Oppo to the nDac and couldn’t be happier. I like seeing those hi-res lamps light up on the nDac! My ears like them too!


hi res lamps on the nDAC?

I see a Sync light and HD light and thats about it.

The HD light is Hires.

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My HD light is not on coming from TV using TOSLINK :frowning:

It’s not sending hires then. Needs to be above 48khz sampling rate.

Hmm its Premium Spotify on Sony smart tv, not sure if that is even doable. There’s nothing in the TV app to change quality

I also use an Oppo but use the Toslink for that one too.

Both TV and Oppo are on 25’ toslink cables.