Puritan 136 or 156 mains purifier in a Naim system

Puritan 136 or 156 mains purifier in a Naim system

I had to choose between Audioquest and Puritan and eventually bought a Puritan 156 “mains purifier” with built-in DC block.

I connected this Puritan product to my Naim 252 / Supercap / NDS / 555PS / 300 system for the first time today.

The Puritan 156 has all 15A high current outputs so there are no separate “direct” and “filtered” sockets.

I used the Naim Powerline cables and the cable received with Puritan for connection to the Furutech wall socket and the Puritan.

Has anyone had any experience with Puritan and can tell me opinion on the break-in time?

Does it change with the end of the break-in?

Because for now it seems to me that the system has less dynamics and the soundstage has decreased, obtaining a flattening of the sound.

Out of interest, what issue did you have with the mains supply that made you buy the Purifier ?

Unless you have massive mains issues, conditioners are best avoided. The reduction in dynamics is a very typical result.

I have no obvious problems but the mains is usually always dirty so I wanted to improve the sound.

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I know that Naim does not recommend any mains conditioner.

But nowadays, for example, Isotek, Puritan, Audioquest have created products that on paper do not decrease dynamics but rather should improve it with noise reduction.

I will let two days pass, leaving the Puritan always connected to the electrical network and then I will carry out other tests, even connecting everything as it was before without the Puritan to evaluate

But what if there was no noise in the first place? How do you know you have dirty mains? Most of these conditioners sell a solution to people who have no problem. Buy records. Give the money to charity, rather than a company thriving on paranoia.

Hungryhalibut, however, I think this device actually does something.

The last of my thoughts is wasting money on something that does nothing or makes things worse.

A few days ago I bought the Furutech NCF Clear Line and it made the sound worse in my system and I returned it back to the Dutch company, hoping the refund will come soon.

Returning to the Puritan 156

After a few hours I did other tests.

The sound has improved.

It is as if the Puritan has removed that veil of electrical noise from the whole system (although I have a dedicated power line) in the midst of all the music and that dirty everything a little.

Now the instruments are clear and sparkling.

The singer’s voice has risen in height in front of me and is more silky.

The bass is also noticeably fuller and drier in my opinion because there is no amplified electrical noise mixed in.

Absolutely untouched Naim tone I must say.

Even the dynamics don’t seem affected at all, even if on Hotel California it seemed to me that some of the high notes had been attenuated.

That’s why I leave the Puritan plugged in for at least another 2 days before giving my final opinion.

I hope that the feeling that it has dried the treble in a few moments on the song Hotel California is only for the unfinished running-in (about 2 hours of life still).

The seller recommended 60 hours of running in even though in Puritan they told me even 14 days.


In my cases, I’ve measured the mains noise and then added Isotek power blocks that includes filters. I’ve then measured the noise through the blocks, which has reduced by about 90%. The result has been a clearer presentation with a reduced noise floor without any adverse effect on dynamics. The Isoteks took a few weeks to loose some initial harshness, similar to burning in a new streamer.

Having said that, caution with power conditioning is required - you need a product that won’t compromise the dynamics and I suspect this could be site and system specific.

I’d recommend doing some mains noise measures before and after.


Thank you

What did you use to measure network noise?

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This is the meter I used, my dealer lent it to me.

what is the model of the Isotek Filters you have placed side by side?

I have used a Puritan PSM136 for 6 months or so and I have only good things to say about it. No clamping of dynamics to my ears and improvements in low level detail because of the blacker noise background it produces. Sound staging and clarity/separation of instruments has also improved.
I’m surprised it doesn’t get a bit more love on this forum, especially as it is British made and an obvious competitor to the Audioquest Niagara, which isn’t.
I think your 156 may be the better bet if you are using higher powered components than my Nova.
I’d give it a good couple of weeks to bed in, just like you would your Naim gear.

Update of my opinion on Puritan 156.

The 2-day break-in has greatly improved the equipment.

The product works.

Much improved sound, firmer and more powerful bass, greatly improved sound image.

It almost feels like I have electrostatic speakers and not my Proac D48Rs (and soon the K6 Signature).

Exceptional crisp clean dry sound.

Now I can turn up the volume a lot without smudging and maintaining a very sharp and dynamic repudiation with the characteristic Naim power.

Certainly a 552 would be better than a 252 and would enhance the upcoming Proac K6 Signature at this point.

I’m using the Polaris power block on my Nova, TV etc, and the Sirius power block on my main system.

I’ve used a Puritan PSM136 for 9 months with cheaper gear such as the Node 2i and a class-T amp, both with cheap PSUs (I imagine). The sound was worse on day 1, but improved steadily for a week and was night and day better after that.

The cheap amp has now been replaced with a Naim SN3, which will arrive in a few days (one channel is down and the amp is being repaired) and I was wondering whether to plug it into the PSM136 or not. All the outlets are 15 amps 230V. From what other in this thread have said, dynamics haven’t been impacted, which is great. But does Naim have an official position on what sort of current the amp should be fed? Is 15 amps enough ? Surely that’s not voodoo, and must be a spec we can have access to :wink:


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I guess you’ll have to try for yourself but I’d be surprised if it had any deleterious effects on dynamics. My experience is that micro dynamics improve, as does resolution, separation and sound stage. I have a Nova so may be considered a step down from a SN3 and be affected differently sonically. I’d be interested to know your thoughts when you’re ready to after a month or so.

The peak power consumption of the SN3 is 400VA, which would suggest the current would be under 2A. The manual says “ Use only the mains leads and plugs supplied or the Naim PowerLine mains cable.
Where fused plugs are used 13 amp fuses should be fitted.”.
So if it’s fused with a 13A fuse and has a 2A draw, a 15A source should have plenty of headroom.

Yes, I’ll let you know early July. Thanks.

Makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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do you own a NAIM UNITED NOVA? I also own one and am looking for a “wave” purifier for my network which is definitely dirty. I read from your experiences that you have a Puritan 136 or 156? it satisfied you! I will try to buy one too … compatibly with my budget. But I had thought of an "ISOTEK EVO3 GEMINI (I only have the CD player so two schuko sockets are sufficient) or the ISOTK EVO3 POLARIS.