Qnap TS-131K

Hi guys,
I’m waiting for a NDX2 which I’ll use at first with my 1TB SSD connected to a Fritz Box 7530 by means of its NAS function.
In the meanwhile I’m looking for a dedicated NAS and I’m looking to QNAP TS-131K single bay. I’ll use it only for music with my NDX2. I already ripped all my CDs (1500) and I have three copies in three different HD also. NAS will be placed in my living room and the smaller TS-131K may be a good solution in terms of dimension and fan noisy.
May worth to use a SSD WD red 4TB or a classic WD red HD 4TB is equivalent and cheaper? Furthermore, from the SQ point of view this basic NAS can afect the operating and SQ of NDX2 or it is enough?

Thank you in advance for your support :wink:

If you want to afford it, go for the SSD. More reliable and more silent, as it is in the living room

It will not. It sends data over the network, the NDX2 does not care what sent it

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Rather undiscerning of it, next thing you’ll tell me is it doesn’t care what route it travels either.


I am sure audiophile NASes will be a thing soon!

Do you really have to put the NAS in your living room? As long as it has a network connection it can go anywhere, and there are potential advantages in terms of both electrical and audible noise in keeping it out of the way.
The demands of a music server are very low, so any NAS that is capable of running a UPnP server such as Asset will be fine. If you must keep it in your living room then low spec can mean low power and low electrical noise.

Out of interest did the OP put the link to the nas in his post, I don’t think so because a link for the nas also appears in the title on the front page of the forum.

I don’t know if this is somehow a me issue or a forum ‘feature’. I don’t really care, but please lets not have those word take over links.

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I suppose it is a forum feature because I didn’t do anything to create that link in the title. I try to edit it again.

No not your fault, I think its a feature naim might well want to switch off.

Regarding the living room, there is also a fanless QNAP that most likely will do what you want, though a bit more expensive. But if it really has to go into the living room, consider it. As the NAS gets older, the fan is not a great experience in the living room

You mean this model right?https://www.qnap.com/it-it/product/hs-453dx

However price is 4x compared to the single bay 131k :slight_smile: but it looks very cool and can be put in the living room hiding it easily.

Yes, that’s the one. It does cost more, but it is simply a trade-off. Get one with fans and don’t put it into the living room (or encapsulate it in a cabinet that does not let noise escape much but has ok ventilation), or spend more for the fanless and don’t worry.

Speaking from experience, I have a 10 year old Qnap 5-bay that once was hidden away in a separate room, but now I can’t do that and have banned “ethernet-over-powerlines” for SQ reasons, so it’s in the living room and it is grating. The spec sheet for a new one with fans says 16 dB but it won’t stay like that forever. Right now I’m setting up solutions on my laptop & the NAS to automate waking up the laptop and the NAS for backing up the laptop & Roon core (which is fanless), and then putting the NAS back to sleep. Can be done, but I’m wondering if just spending the money for a noiseless NAS wouldn’t be worth my time

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Wired Ethernet and a Qnap NAS that is not accessible from outside the LAN works for me.

My NDX2 just arrived. It’s in break in now waiting also for a Nas. I think l’ll go definitely with a Qnap single or double bay with 2TB SSD, in later stage I can evaluate to put also a dedicate switch.
At the moment I have a ssd connected to the usb of the router Fritz Box but the navogation is very poor, no cover album shown and only by folder.

As others have said NAS can go anywhere on the network.
Qnap or Synology use lots of 3rd party apps such as asset.
If only I could stick my xpsdr remote from my listening space due to its " noise"!

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I’m completely raw in NAS, network and sofware to be used with it. Should I use Asset?

I have both Asset and Minimserver on my NASs. My take is that Asset is easier to use initially and has a useful “recently added” feature. Minim has a steeper learning curve but I find it indispensable for my substantial classical collection. If you don’t have much classical, Asset is probably the better bet.


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Where I’m at with Asset and Minim.
I have little classical so Asset makes more sense.
It still amuses me why streaming local content needs to be anymore than ripping via dbpoweramp, storing on a NAS and serving via Asset.

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Another vote for Asset, I’ve tried all the alternatives on my Synology
Agree Asset is preferred for non classical & Minimserver for classical

I also try the various Asset beta releases, a nice feature to be released soon.

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QNAP TS-131K received. I’m having some problem on its configuration. I’m completely not skilled on this topic. I installed the WD SSD 2TB and create the volume, File Station show me the screenshot here below and it created the three folders (Download, Multimedia and Public)

Now I have to copy my Music inside and then make the files available for the NDX2 in a such way I can be able to navigate between album cover, Artist and so on. Is there a guide in the forum already done which explain how to proceed? I read that many people installed Asset. What is it and where I can find it to be installed? I know, too many questions in few rows :grinning:

Asset is a music server; it will effectively catalogue all of the music stored on the NAS drive and present it in the most user friendly way, so that it displays nicely on your iPhone (or other device that you use to find and play your music).
Once Asset is installed, you set it up to “look” at the music folder where your music is stored.
The latest version of Asset makes it easy to point it to look the correct folder.
You download the paid for version (by far the best bet and not expensive) and install it via the user interface for your QNAP using a web browser. You can’t just double-click on the downloaded file, you have to do a “manual install” via the QNAP interface.
If you do a search for "Asset UPnP (DLNA compatible) " you should find a download page on the dbpoweramp web site.
Scroll down to: QNAP Install Release 7.2
Scroll down a little further to find the “Register Asset” button (highly recommended).

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