Qobus - not playing a full track

I am using Qobus via a ND5 XS2 and over the last week it will only play part of a track and then skip to the next one - i have asked Qobus but no responce yet - radio, etc works fine with the streamer - any ideas of how to fix it gratefully received. All done via the Naim app on Ios 14.2 & 14.3

Have you actually got a subscription and are you properly signed in via the Naim app? It plays a sample of tracks in MP3 if you haven’t signed up.

Sub probably ran out :slight_smile:

I have found a few albums that I have favourited that now only play the first 30s.
I contacted Qobuz who tell me that the album artist have " withdrawn" the full album. What I think that means is that Qobuz and the artist can’t now agree on terms.
I have about 5 favourited albums like that. So annoying that I had to purchase the cd. I do wonder if its a tactic.
According to my daughter, “this is not something that happens on Spotify Dad”

Thanks anyway - yes i do have a Subskription hence i wish to use it

Have you tried a variety of tracks from different valbums?
Log out and back in on the Naim App may also help.

If you get 30 seconds then its a login issue.
Otherwise are you running the latest firmware?
See also here Qobuz Only Playing One Song at a Time via Naim App

I had a similar issue recently when using the Project app that comes with the Project ultra stream. I resolved it by changing the Sound Quality from ‘Highest Possible’ to ‘FLAC 24 Bit up to 192kHz’. Not sure if the Naim app has similar options.

It does. Qobuz quality options can be found on the app under:
Settings>Input Settings>Qobuz>Quality

Not true, it happens there as well - maybe not for her music. It’s a good excuse to buy the release for everything that is really dear to me. (Plus it gives me the artwork and hopefully the artist sees a euro for a fifth of a beer)

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Try signing out of Qobuz in the Naim app, then sign back in.

Many Thanks - problem now fixed

Go on then. Tell us how it was fixed please.

Came out of the app - and reregistered as well as rebooting the Naim streamer - now works

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