Qobuz and Naim App - where is Qobuz Ideal Discography

Qobuz have a ‘Qobuz Ideal Discography’ playlist and there are some gems within.

If I use the Qobuz app I can see this playlist on my tablet and mobile phone.
If I run Qobuz from within the Naim app I can’t find the Qobuz Ideal Discography anywhere.

I’d really like to be able to access this playlist from within the Naim app - any ideas how I can do this please?

Isn’t it just a matter of adding it as a favourite in Qobuz then it appears as a Qobuz favourite right down at the bottom:-

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Thanks @NogBadTheBad
I can’t see how to add this list as a favourite…
If I display the Qobuz Ideal Discography this is what I get - how do I add it to a playlist?

I know how to add playlists generally, but I can’t find a way to add the Qobuz Ideal Discography

Click on the heart if you want it saved or use search, select Qobuz and scroll to Playlists.

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Thanks @NogBadTheBad
but I don’t think that’s what I’m after.

I can get all the playlists on my tablet/mobile but not the Qobuz Ideal Discography
Can you display the Qobuz Ideal Discography via the Naim App?
I can’t

This is what I’m trying to access -

Top right I click on
See all: Qobuz Ideal Discography and then I get this-

I want to add all these to a playlist - too many to add individually
Or just get to them via the Naim App

The API which Qobuz make available to third parties such as Naim is poor in that it lacks nany of the features found in the Qobuz app. Try looking at an artists discography. In Qobuz you get more or less the full album listing in the order in which they were released. In the Naim app you get a shambolic mixture of albums, singles and EPs all jumbled together in what they call an album listing.
Other sections like your weekly recommendations are also unavailable in the Naim app, but at least these can be manually saved in the Qobuz app and then found as favourites in the Naim app.

Hopefully the long awaited Qobuz Connect will eventually arrive, as it did for Tidal, so that this issue no longer matters. There’s also Roon, but at a price.


Thanks @ChrisSU - That explains it very well thanks.
So I either add each one manually or wait for Qobuz Connect which I have heard of.

Are you aware of the timeframe as to when this will be available?


Nobody knows, or even sure whether it will happen.

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I was going to suggest what @NogBadTheBad also suggested. So had a go myself and after favouriting in the Qobuz app, I found it at the bottom of the playlists in the Naim app as in screen shot:

Is this not what you’re after?


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Thanks Roger
It is what I’m looking for but I can’t see any way of making the whole Ideal Discography a favourite.
I can make an individual album in the discography a favourite, but not the whole discography.
In my post above are the 2 screens relating to the Ideal Disc. but there is nothing to indicate I can assign a favourite to any of it as a whole.
It’s the Ideal Qobuz Discography with the only genre selected is Classical

The problem is that the view your looking at isn’t a playlist its individual albums, just figured out what you were looking at on Qobus.

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Qobuz via the naim app is a mess. I tend to find what i want in the qobuz app, make a favourite and then go back and find it in the naim app. I only started doing this 6 months ago after i worked out the two versions were not the same.
I want artist albums in order of release. Not eps, singles and any old tat included in what qobuz via naim think are albums.


That’s the one @NogBadTheBad.
Problem is that I can’t get that view via the Naim app for the reasons given by @ChrisSU.
Annoying, but not the end of the world.

Yup I do exactly the same.
Qobuz is not much good with classical music as the Composer is often not listed anywhere.
I was listening to a Qobuz playlist and one album was Symphonies by Brahms, Schubert and Mendelssohn - the tracks were just listed as II - Largo, IV - Allegro etc with no indication of who the composer was or what the symphony was. I’ve had many similar examples.
Which is pretty crap!

Idagio is far better, but fewer tracks and no Hi-Res

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What confuses the issue though is that there are Qobuz Ideal Playlists which really are playlists. I suspect they’re curated by individuals rather than centrally from Qobuz, but I rarely use playlists myself, so don’t have direct experience of them.



You might want to give Presto a whirl. Unfortunately, it’s not integrated into the Naim app so I’ve not tried it myself, but judging by the enthusiasm of those who have and the quality of Presto’s website, it might be what you’re looking for.


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I really like Presto it’s a great place to check out different recordings and read reviews.
I’ve also bought many CDs from them over the years.

My subscription to Qobuz lasts until Jan next year so I’ll review things later in the year.
The Wi-Fi reception at my Atom HE is not great so I can’t stream without dropouts using Qobuz, but as the Naim integration of Qobuz in the app includes a 50MB buffer I can stream hi-res with no dropouts, so that’s a big advantage.
I guess I’d need a mesh wi-fi extender to use Qobuz in its native format which is going to cost a few £00
It’s also nice to have access to lots of other music too as with Qobuz which is not available with Presto. 95% of the time I listen to classical, but I do like a bit of rock now and then or some oldies from my younger years.

I really like the Qobuz playlists, especially those like Listening With… I’ve come across some fantastic recordings I’d not heard before.
Some of the Moods options are great for background music and hearing recordings I’d not usually listen to.

Presto does Jazz as well as classical, but like you, I do enjoy other genres, eg folk, so stick with Qobuz in spite of its less than brilliant app.

Another suggestion is to take out one of the subscriptions to Gramophone Magazine that has access to its huge archive. Years ago, when I was finding my way around classical music, Gramophone Magazine (print only, then) was my guiding star and their archive is still a great resource.


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hi nog
how did you find the ideal discography within qobuz -i can’t seem to find it