Qobuz Family Accounts are here!

In the UK at least… a blessing for me and maybe a few others.


Awful pricing I’m afraid as a legacy Sublime user, I’ve been asking for family options for some time. I buy a lot of discounted material as a benefit of Sublime but almost £500 per annum for a family plan retaining the discounts when I’ll presumably be the only purchaser getting discounts:

It will cost me an extra £340 per annum to keep Sublime discounts and add 2-3 family members who will only stream. I guess the family can keep Apple Music and enjoy the Music Videos too, or maybe Amazon is the way to go as they won’t care about SQ.

Yes, if you only stream it’d probably be a reasonable option for the extra £10/€10, but I do buy a lot of hi-res downloads at a discount and unless I spent £500 I’d lose that option. £349 for family Sublime+ might make me ditch Apple Music.

Could be worse, since I cancelled my Tidal account they seem to have hiked their price rather a lot, and this is just for an individual account!

This is from the Tidal iOS app, so I suspect Apple are taking a cut. Either way, they won’t be getting a penny from me as long as I can get Qobuz with better sound quality.


Thanks for the reminder on Tidal - I enjoyed the 4 month trial for £5.99 or whatever it was, but the curation is not to my liking at all. I’ve paid Tidal for a couple of months but don’t really use it much. It’s hard to find the pricing plans as all listed in $ when I try, but I’m still being charged £19.99.

Apple take a 30% cut of in-app purchases (or at leas they used to) so in many instances cheaper to subscribe to a provider then sign-in unless prices have gone up.

Has the Sublime+ pricing now dropped from £299 to £249?

Edit - No looks like this was part of the older revamp of pricing tiers.

One of my issues with the £500 Sublime+ family pricing is that it’s quite a premium to get discounts on purchases when only 1 family member presumably is likely to do any purchasing or entitled to discounts.

Why do they not show the prices clearly? The only price I can find is studio premier family @ 24.99. I know non family is 14.99. Can’t see price for sublime anywhere.
Had to log in. Sublime is 249.99. Sublime family 499.99
Studio family for the year instead of monthly 269.99

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The trouble for my family is qubuz simply does not have the range of music, infact its pretty poor for anyone under the age of 50.

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I think that’s partly my concern too - fine for me but rather limited for younger family members, plus Tidal and AppleMusic give music video access which can be valuable.

It has all the little mix, Ed Sheeran, dua lipa etc etc stuff enjoyed by my 2. I just can’t accept an additional tenner a month so I can ignore this stuff in my library. At least right now, that will likely change, they are still quite young.




As someone who has worked upstairs from the Naim r&d dept, and could hear everything played in their test room, I can tell you Ed Sheeran was quite popular, if only in 30 second bursts!

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Latest Dua Lipa album is fantastic pop, I purchased the download on Qobuz, but I’m afraid that the vast majority of other stuff my daughter listens to bores me rigid - actually I think she prefers music I buy or stream - naturally I’m probably deluded. :grin:

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Its almost like they missed the point, if someone has the top tier membership they have access to Quobuz on multiple devices already. Almost all family purchases will mean the extra users playing off lesser quality devices than the main account is on unless everyone in the family has a full HiFi system. It feels very rushed and just doubling the price seems very lazy. Sublime with family access limited to 320mp3 for another £50ish a year would fly off the shelves I would have thought.

We must remember that the likes of Spotify can be free and if you have an Amazon Prime membership like a VERY big proportion of the Uk population now do have music is free for all.


I think the main advantage is to keep your favourites and your family’s member’s favourites separate. Beyond that, I don’t know what else changes.

Concurrent streaming on multiple devices, separate favourites, playlists etc… are the main benefits.

I wait to see not only how Naim integrate the family account into their app, but also Roon. Roon user profiles might need a rethink to get true multi user support.

I sent them feedback on this very point - there are 4 in our family - I told them that only 1 of th eother 3 would use this regularly and that even if they all did they’d either be playing back on smartphones or at best Airplaying (CD quality at most) to local speakers.

They seem to think everyone in the housheold has not only hig-end equipment but a suitable personal listening room - crazy!

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I thought it used to be two devices with original accounts and Sublime.

May have changed.