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Afternoon all. I’ve just switched from tidal to Qobuz but can’t login to Qobuz in their app, Roon or naim app but I can log in through Qobuz.com. I’ve reset passwords, deleted and reinstalled apps but all I get is bad user name and password . I’m using iPhone and iPad

Sounds like a problem best addressed to the Qobuz support as it affects their own app as well as 2 different 3rd-party apps

Perhaps obvious question, but did you use email address as username ?

Try to disconnect first from Qobuz com.Restart your Nd5xs2 also.

Yep email address as username., really frustrating. Tidal logs in easily but …,

Still no joy. Rebooted app, Nd5xs2, innuos and can only log into Qobuz.com
If I Sign In with Apple ID rather than email it’s all in french. I’ve logged it with Qobuz support

Did you get this sorted? I wonder if it’s password related, try to avoid # for example as that means “comment” in some computer languages.

No joy sadly and password is straight forward with no special characters. Bit lost but I’m sure Qobuz will help. Reinstalled tidal in the meantime

If you tap « can’t log Qobuz « in the search part, there are several similar threads. May help.

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Mine was like that then I was able to log in but still is problematic with roon:(

Sorry to hear @Hifi-dog, frustrating when it happens. Unfortunately none of them are perfect…

I am still waiting to hear what was actually behind the login problem. Keep us updated with outcome and fix.

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Reset the router last night before bed and can log into the app this morning! All my music correct… :grinning:
Now to try roon… :crossed_fingers:

Result!!! All works, naim app, Roon and Qobuz. I guess I tried so many logins yesterday it froze me out and router reset may have helped


Chrome cast from Qobuz app stutters but not bothered by streaming direct form app but air play is perfect so no drama at all. So starting Father’s Day with some ac/dc. :love_you_gesture:

Your profile says you have a ND5 XS2 so why are you bothering with Chromecast and Airplay when you can have native integration in the Naim app?

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Just trying all options! Never really use either as wedded to Roon but I want to give innuos 2 a go which is focused around Qobuz as a comparison.

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