Qobuz issues on Naim app

I read that this was an issue in the past and not sure how it’s resolved.
After 3 months of consistent and smooth user experience, the Naim app is not showing Qobuz store, or my playlists/tracks on the ios app.
Neither iphone or ipad is showing Qobuz properly. It’s either entirely lost or intermittently showing a fraction of what I have on Qobuz. As a result, I can’t listen to music other than internet radio.
I tried rebuilding the database, clearing the cache, resetting the app options on the app side. Didn’t do a factory reset yet on the streamer, not sure if that’s the solution.

Does anyone know if there a solution to this annoying issue?

Often what can work is delete your login details for Qobuz on the Naim app, then login to Qobuz using a browser like Safari or Chrome, follow the link for forgotten password and then change your password. Now go back to the Naim app and log into Qobuz with your username/email and new password.

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David, thank you very much for this, it worked like a charm and I’m back to playing music. I also happened to have opened a ticket at the time, if Naim staff comes up with another suggestion , I’ll be sure to share it right away.
Thanks again!

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