Qobuz not responding via Naim app

Just out of a sudden I cannot stream Qobuz directly through the Naim app.

Streaming Qobuz via Chromecast is working, as well as internet radio.

Does anyone else experience the same issues or is it more likely my Nova that is letting me down?


I have the same issue with my NDX2. It just started this morning. I haven’t found a fix yet but of course will post if I do!

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I have just hit the problem with the Nd5xs2. I listened to 3 albums on Qobuz and now I can only see local albums.

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Having exactly the same with my Atom (thought I was the only one at first )reset Naim app and logged out /in of Qobuz app but no joy .
Problem with Our French colleagues maybe??

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Qobuz is working fine via Chromecast.

I take it that this has to do with the Naim app.

I am however relieved that it’s not my Nova that is down.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.:+1:

There hasn’t been a very recent update to either the Naim or Qobuz apps, so I’m not sure where the problem lies. Far too technical for me!

Same issue for me

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I have reported this to Naim Support.

Hopefully the matter will be resolved soon.

In this context I realize the limitations of not having a NAS or a similar alternative to fall back on.:grimacing:

Sadly when I am streaming Qobuz through Chromecast I have issues with interruptions of the playback when streaming HiRes.

CD quality works flawlessly though.

I can’t seem to see my mu so on chrome cast. I can see my NDX2. I realise that quotes is not supported in the mu so app
I can only seem to use Bluetooth

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Qobuz OK via roon into Qb2 and RPi HAT.

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Same for me on my Nova. Qobuz not playing at all. Was ok this morning but nothing now. Have to connect direct from the Qobuz app and use Chromecast, very frustrating. Radio Paradise also not playing for some reason.

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Thanks for the feedback!:+1:

Qobuz is half back for me. I can search it again in the App, but it still won’t play

I can see all my saved tracks and albums, but I cannot play any of them directly through the app.

Guess that we have wait until after the weekend to have it fixed.

Same here with NDX2 and Atom. Says press play and there’s no response when you do.

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I wonder if @Stevesky is aware of this? It definitely sounds like a problem at the Qobuz end.

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I understood that Qobuz blocked only me - just registered yesterday :sweat_smile:

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It’s working via Roon to Atom and ND5xs2 as endpoints.

Hi all,
This morning my NDX2 would not play Qobuz through the Naim app. It will play if I send the Qobuz music through Audirvana or if I send it from the app via Chromecast, but not if I try to use Qobuz as embedded in the NDX2. What happens is the play button for the Qobuz album is unresponsive: nothing happens. The NDX2 just shows the Home screen.
I have tried a hard power-down by pressing the power button for 3 seconds and also deleted and re-installed the Naim app but this makes no difference.
There is no problem playing files from my NAS using the app and Qobuz seems to work without problem within its own app.
I am using version 3.4.0 (4492) of the firmware. Any help would be appreciated!

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