Qobuz Only Playing One Song at a Time via Naim App

I have experienced Qobuz stoppages when it gets to the third track of certain albums. Not terribly annoying but odd that its always the third track.


Qobuz (on NDX2) is stopping at random using the Naim App. No problems when using Roon.
I have updated the “Other setting - Stay connected” in the app, however when the screen from my iPad/iPhone turns off it seems that the app is no longer able to respond to track changes.

Any thoughts, as I didn’t had that problem on Tidal.

Jan Willem

Hi Steve and @Njb

I had the exact same issue with my ND5 XS (earlier model), and it was the router. Replacing that fixed it, prior to buying a decent router tidal would usually although not always drop out after about 4 minutes.

For a while I thought it was consistently a time around 4 minutes, but when I tested further it wasn’t actually consistent. Either way though using a new router fixed it. (Orbi in my case, at the Naim dealer’s recommendation.)

Cheers Ian

Hi, I changed the router early in the process. Admittedly, I had to go with the newer model that my ISP supplied and so I did not have the luxury of choosing a premium model.
The good news for me is that SteveSky’s little fix continues to work and I am enjoying albums that run end to end without my involvement.

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Hi Jan Willem,
I just updated via a mail link by Steve Harris and it works. Streaming complete albums without interruption .

Gerben. (Ned)

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Big thanks to @Stevesky for solving this one. His effort went above and beyond. All working perfectly now.


Thanks Gerben and all involved!

Will check it out.


Same here!
Best next to election outcome this weekend :grin::+1::tada:


Hi Gerben,

Maybe it is just me or the interface of this community but I can’ t find the link you’ve mentioned :frowning:
Can you resend or point me to this link?


Would that be the link by mail that Gerben was referring to?

Hi Jan Willem.
Als je Steve Harris van Naim mailt dan stuurt hij jouw een link.

M.v.g Gerben.

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I meant ‘Just mail Stevensky’, he’ll send you the update by means of a link in his answer mail.

Yes I had realised that it looks like Jan Willem didn’t. :slight_smile:

Made effort to instruct him . ( In Dutch :wink:

Just to confirm, works fine now without stopping at Random!

Thanks all, and sorry for the Dutch wording :wink:

Enjoying my brand new Atom but I am afraid I have the same issue mentioned in this topic. I will send you a PM @Stevesky and hope it will also work for me.

Hi @JWvB, does it still work you? What did the update look like, is it an update for the Naim or the app itself? I see in the app a playing song but nothing is happening
on the progress bar, end of the song is end of the fun and then I have to start again which also goes with horten en stoten (ups and downs)

Hi Marcel,

Everything still works fine for me. The update itself took a couple of mins and once finished my ndx2 did a reboot (as with any update). Very happy with the result!

Hi Jan Willem, thanks for that. In the meantime got the reply form Steve, executed and I am a happy man. Worked for me too!

Have a good weekend,

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