QOBUZ playlist to exploit your NAIM HIFI

I’ve put together a playlist on QOBUZ which shows off the very best of Naim. Some interesting tracks:


Link doesn’t work for me…

This album does a pretty good job of it.


You mean you’ve compiled a list of some of your favourite music? I don’t stream online from any subscription service so can’t look at your list - perhaps you could summarise your taste in music? Jazz seems to be very popular amongst forum members, though it is complete anathema to me…

Unfortunately doesn’t open for me but I’ll confess I know little about playlists or creating them.

No, doesn’t open for me either.
Did you create it as a “Public Playlist”?

I’m guessing you need to make the playlist public somehow.
In the app, “my qobuz” then “my playlists”, click on 3 dots, edit privacy, change to public.

You might like these: both are Naim’s playlists from recent Bristol hifi shows.



Amazing how many of these naim playlist tracks we own on vinyl or digital!

Next week I am going to recreate those playlists, filling in the gaps from Tidal or purchase, before sitting down with a glass of vino to enjoy.

I can’t get it to work either

The same playlists are also in tidal.

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Thanks I’ll do that!

Hopefully the playlist is public so the link works. Just changed it now.


Thank you. Will give this a listen later albeit that I select music I like rather then music which will show off my system to its best effect. Need a small break from Christmas music.

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I created a playlist a few years ago from a thread recommending single tracks to use when demonstrating hi-fi equipment.

Tracks and Time is 76 tracks - 07h 22m 15s

Anyone can set up play lists and care share with others.

On Qobuz search for: Naim Single Track to access or demo sys

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Opens OK for me. But then I do stream from Qobuz, so that must be why.


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Don’t use Qobuz directly, but imported into Roon. Not listened yet.

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No worries. I was just trying to be helpful as I’d put together a few interesting tracks that make the sound system ‘pop’. At least for me!


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