Qobuz - request artist/album?

Am considering switching from Tidal to Qobuz, but a few albums I have in Tidal aren’t on Qobuz. Is there a way to feedback to Qobuz that I’d like them?

Not that they’ll listen to just me, but if there’s a community request approach, I’d like to add my voice. It’s for an artist they have some albums for too, so it’s a strange issue (possibly licensing, I know). And yes, I could buy them (and may indeed do so) but that’s not the point!

Can’t answer your question I’m afraid, but it would be useful to know. You can do this on Tidal via their support pages, so it would be good to know if Qobuz did something similar.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they monitored search results to see if there were any omissions that were popular.

I wonder if a better approach would be the other way round, ask the record label why it’s not available on qobuz.

I was given this link to request missing albums, although it is in French:


I can’t vouch for how effective it is, I have requested so me albums that did appear some time later (although they might have anyway) and some that still haven’t been added. I didn’t receive any comms in response to my requests.

Good luck


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