Qobuz streaming on 272

How do I get Qobuz to stream on my 272? I’m considering switching from Tidal without having to use an external DAC?

You can run bubbleupnp server to stream qobuz to a 272. Do you have a nas where that can be installed?
Info here Crazy plan to try proxy server!

I don’t have a separate music server. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone. Can I use one or all of these as the basis for streaming Qobuz via the name app? Thanks.

The naim app will see the upnp server, and bubble itself will be connected to qobuz.

If you have an iPad MConnectHD works very well.

Perhaps he’s thinking of Bubble UPnP Server, running on a NAS or whatever, controlled by a third party app, which is a common workaround to get Qobuz onto a 1st gen. streamer.

For about £50 a Raspberry Pi4 this will act as the BubbleUPNP server and connect to Qobuz.

Control app Linn Kazoo this will push Qobuz to the 272.

I can stream qbuz from my innuos server to my 272, and Spotify and Tidal

I’m not tech savvy when it comes to this issue. Would someone mind giving me step-by-step instructions to stream Qobuz to the 272 assuming I will be using an iPad or MacBook Pro? Thanks in advance.

Thanks so much. Just downloaded app and will try to stream to 272 in the morning! Will report back. Appreciate it!

Downloaded MConnectHD and it works! Thanks so much. Question: when I played a HiRes song from Qobuz and streamed it into the 272, it started and stopped a bit. Is this due to the 272’s limitations re resolution to the extent that only 16/44 files will play smoothly streamed to the 272?

There’s no problem playing 24/44.1, 24/96 or 24/192 files that Qobuz has on a 272, but if you’re streaming over WiFi from an iPhone and the small buffer on the 272 is struggling you may get some dropouts. It’s worth keeping an eye on the 272 buffer level just to see what’s happening.

When I used Bubble UPnP and Kazoo/MConnect HD for Qobuz I had to adjust the setting to a max playback of 24/96. 24/192 would always drop out.

Have since moved on to streaming with a Node 2i with a BNC digital cable to the DAC in the 272 which is as good/better than streaming through the 272 and noticeably better with the streaming input disabled and the 272 not connected to the internet. My guess is it makes the preamp section better since the LP12 sounds better than ever.

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Thanks for the tip. 3 questions since I’m not a techie. Which BNC cable do you use? Which input does it go into on the 272? How do you disconnect the 272’s streamer and internet? I imagine in the settings? Thanks.

  1. and 2) I use a Blue Jeans Belden 1694A Digital Audio Cable RCA to BNC to the Digital 1 BNC input on the 272. I chose it because it was inexpensive and was trying out the Node 2i.
  2. I simply turned off the all the inputs of the 272 from the app except for the Digital 1 and Analogue Input and unplugged the ethernet cable from the back of the 272.

As far as the Node 2i, I purchased directly from Bluesound to get the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee just in case I didn’t like it.

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I second nicnaim findings regarding the Node 2i fed digitally into the 272. May I also suggest the Mark Grant HDX1 Pure Copper Digital Coax cable RCA-BNC for £30

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