Qobuz Studio reduction in price

Hi all,

Just got this email from Qobuz. Happy days.

“QoBuz Studio Premier
[Now only £14.99]

If you are serious about music, you deserve the best sound quality.
Studio Premier gives you unlimited access to our certified Hi-Res and CD lossless quality catalog and in-depth exclusive editorial content for only £14.99/month. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this offer. You will be automatically transferred to this new plan at £14.99/month when your monthly subscription is renewed”

Had that email this morning and it seals the deal for me. Was considering moving from Tidal to Qobuz, but now it’s cheaper than Tidal, I’m off! \o/

Yes there is a difference between the catalogues and I think Tidal still has the edge there, but for the amount of streaming I do, it won’t bother me.

Deal breaker!

Has anyone seen how much sublime is now?

dont see any sign of that offer on their website, I’m half way through the free trial

Yep pleasant reading this was. They must be feeling the pinch to drop by £10 a month. Or now have enough subs to not overcharge. Can see this eating in to Tidal on areas that can get the service. Tidal need to respond to this to come inline with both Qobuz and Amazon or cheaper still.

This is the deciding factor for me. £ They’ve nailed it now. Bye Bye Tidal!


Have reduced Tidal to basic as I tried Qobuz but this seals it.

Tide has just gone out!


Can’t believe this, I have been subscribed to Qobuz and am amazed they have just done this. Brilliant!

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clever though, they obviously know there is now a large amount of potential new customers out there now re the recent Naim firmware upgrade so they’re hooking them in, the question is how long will they leave at that price?

A year or so I suspect. Like my broadband it creeps up every year! :crazy_face:

Yes, also got the email, amazing value

Not sure I care as long as it is no more than Tidal!

Hmm, this could be a clincher for me. I’ve been undecided because my system has two new generation boxes, but also 3 1st gen Qbs, and I like the flexibility of Tidal to all. But realistically the landing Qb is really only used for cricket commentary, so it’s the bedroom and kitchen. Working in the kitchen I usually Multiroom with the downstairs lounge anyway for the simmering/roasting gaps, so I can get Qobuz from the 555. With the bedroom I’ll either have to limit myself to the ripped collection or Multiroom to it for Qobuz, not a showstopper as it mainly gets used when I’m feeling unwell. Time to start the free trial I think.

Great news from Qobuz HQ!! I was sold on Qobuz within a few days of getting the free trial and was “almost happy” with paying the extra £5 per month above Tidal. So next job is to cancel my Tidal sub and say goodbye to the MQA complication for Hi Res access.
FYI, just listening to Anthem by Madeleine Payroux on Qobuz HiRes…brilliant :slight_smile:

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Yep, got this Qobuz offer too this morning. I had to read it twice because it seemed too good to be true.

I am half way through the free trial and had pretty much decided to move from Tidal to Qobuz, even at £25/month, mainly due to the wonderful 24 bit content, although I accept the slightly smaller Qobuz catalogue. My 1st generation Qb will be fed from my ND555.

I suspect the monthly subscription will creep up in time but for the moment it is a no-brainer.

They’ve also dropped Sublime Plus by 50 a year, but it’s still a £100 difference. You’d have to buy 13-14 hi-res albums per hear to break even. Not sure it’s worth it…


Offer expires on May 31, 2020.

I meant once you signed up as to how long it would remain

I have swopped from Tidal to Quobuz after seeing this offer. I was planning to try it out after buying an NDX2 and this settles it. Sounds great too.