Good move to introduce Qobuz
But i don’t see my nac 272 on the list
Any chance to be included later?


AFAIK it can only be applied to the new platform devices.

This will be unfortunate considering the level of performance of the 272 . Maybe we could wish the release of a new version to adapt with Qobuz?

İ dont get it if Tidal and Spotify can be on 272, why not Qobuz…

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yes. I have an NDX 2 but no Qobuz. Like Amazon HD, Qobuz ignore Canada. Maybe one day. I hope so

Just head down to a wifi place in the US. You will be able to subscribe (with your phone) to Qobuz Studio for less than Tidal in Canada.


Does Qobuz support handover between devices like Spotify Connect do? It’s a deal breaker to me using Macbook laptop, iPhone and iPad controlling music in my home. Neither Tidal or Naim app support streaming control and handover from all platforms to my ND5XS. Only Spotify. So no matter quality of audio I always fall back to Spotify due to the smooth integration between all kind of devices. Maybe Roon would solve this?

Not sure what you mean by handover? The Qobuz/Naim app. implementation will be essentially the same as Tidal. So you can switch between multiple iOS devices for control.

Will there be a free trial period through the Naim app just so one can find their way around before actually committing?

A month I believe.


That’s great. I was with Qobuz for years when I used a PC laptop into Arcam irDAC. Been with Tidal ever since migrating to ND5 XS 2, but will flip back to Qobuz through the Naim app if performance is enhanced.

Anyone can get a 1 month trial. Naim did a deal with Tidal for 3 months when it started, but it seems Qobuz are not so generous.

It means if I start playing with my iPhone and then grab my computer or iPad it will open up on the same place on all devices since they are in sync through Spotify connect.

The Naim app will do that, you see the current play queue on whatever device you use. Not on a computer, though, iOS or Android.

I am extremely disappointed that owners of older digital streamers, such as the NDX, NAC272 and earlier Uniti products, have been excluded from taking advantage of this expanded choice. I find it stretching credulity to suggest that Qobuz’s platform is technically and significantly different from Spotify and Tidal.

Naim’s philosophy of supporting their products (and by extension, their customers) over extended periods is valued by customers. It is unfortunate that, in the digital age, this promise appears to be being broken.


I suspect Naim would like to offer users of older products some enhancements, but they have to make money, and software development on multiple platforms including discontinued hardware would be costly - logically they will concentrate on the new streaming platform features(appreciate the NAC 272 is current, but older platform).

The older platforms are likley to have less hardware resources generally, and I’d imagine it’s possible that there’s not enough space to cram anything else into the firmware even if Roon or Qobuz could work on the platform - you might get Qobuz at the expense of another feature. Naturally I may be wrong, but it’s possible.

I’ll be glad when Qobuz arrives on the Nova, but given a firmware update for older streamers last year or the year before, that many felt elevated playback quality, I’d imagine there’s a slim possibility they might offer it in the future, especially if Tidal/Spotify change APIs to access their services which would need new firmware on the older streamers.

You wouldn’t be committing anyway, all the streaming providers are on a rolling month by month contract so it’s no big deal if you don’t like it.

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Well yes and that’s the problem (not on a computer).