I dont have a Qobuz subscription Jim.

If you are tempted to try the free trial, I would be be interested to hear the results.

So what are the best ways in terms of SQ to run a bubble proxy server?

On an IT nas like a Qnap?
Via a Roon system?
On a Mac mini?
On a decent pc that’s wired for Ethernet?
A Zen Mini via spdif?

I may give it a go is it 30 days free trial

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I would love to try Qobuz. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in Canada.

Okay just subscribed to Qobuz but first I’m playing the new Elbow album via Amazon HD and this shows as HR see below


I wouldn’t like to say, comparing all those is a deeper rabbit hole than I would want to jump down!


Now via Qobuz same track and this also shows as HR

Its marginal but I have to say Qobuz is ahead need to play more albums to compare and see what Qobuz has to offer.

Radiohead Weird Fishes track from In Rainbows.

Played CD rip from NAS to 272
Amazon HD and Qobuz both state HR

Even though the CD version sound excellent both the HR streams via my lugs had more detail didn’t notice any difference between the two streaming services.

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On Qobuz you can compare… you can usually choose the downsampled CD format as well as the native hires format.
I can’t think of one example where the hires version doesn’t sound more musical and vibrant.


After many years of using Tidal, just happily switched to Qobuz (with Roon).
First impressions: Although (in my situation) Tidal sounds a little bit ‘catchier’, I really like the more natural and engaging SQ of Qobuz, both in CD-quality as in Hi-Res.
Furthermore no need for an MQA-enabled device to play high-resolution files.
As far as the library is concerned, for my playlists, I experienced a beyond 95% match between both streaming services. Very satisfied; now just curiously waiting for native Qobuz on NDX2!


Interestingly Qobuz now offering Hi-res streaming package (but without cheaper purchase option) at £25 a month or £250 for 12 months which brings it down to shade over £20/ month ie Tidal cost

I tried Tidal using free trial that came with my ND5 XS2, and I did a free trial of Qobuz overlapping with Tidal trial period’s last month. My view was that Qobuz, particularly hi res, sounded better, and had much better selection for my musical tastes (classical and jazz) than Tidal. I let Tidal lapse and signed on for Qobuz sublime+, which I continue to use and enjoy.

That’s still more than twice the price of the US offer for the same subscription plan!

After a night of music via Amazon HD and Qobuz I have decided to cancel the Amazon HD subscription.

Both are excellent on HR streams but for some strange reason Qobuz seems to have the edge also when browsing the Qobuz catalog Qobuz marks the album with a CD or HR symbol making selections easier.

Even though Qobuz will cost an extra £12 per month over Amazon I will be ready if Naim ever release the 272 replacement then I can use the Node 2i on my UQ2.


Has anybody heard anything more about the upgrade since the announcement last week? :thinking:

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Was that via Chromecast?

Nope, the announcement was made on the website and via mailing…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What? Amazon HD was announced?

Hifiman is using a Node to get both Qobuz and Amazon.