Qubuz Connect - Feels long to come

Hi all,
when asking about the upcoming Qobuz Connect feature and the support in Naim products, the Support Team kindly answered the following. While is great to have had an answer, feels like my paid year of the service may end before it become available.

For the ones unaware, Qobuz Connect is a feature alike any other Connect (Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect) to drive compatible devices from any compatible app to stream Qobuz content - in HiRes if available. As of today, Qobuz client app supports only generic protocols like Google Cast and has no proprietary ones.

Hi Raffaele,

Thanks for the email and I hope you are well,

At this moment in time, Qobuz has not yet released fully these new updates, however when we receive more details from them regarding these updates, we will then be able to fully consider these updates and there viability.

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Technical Support Agent


Qobuz have been promising ‘Connect’ longer than Spotify have been promising HiFi!


You noticed how n00b I am, well done. :smiley:

With all the discussions in the time that is taking Naim to bring Tidal Connect with HiRes to their products, I wanted to share the same situation found in another platform widely used in this community. We share the pain, appears. Anyhow, to some limited extent the Qobuz Connect software do exists, as was recorded in a video.

Let see who comes first for Naim (in Europe): Spotify HiFi, Tidal Connect with HiRes, Qobuz Connect or aliens taking over Earth.


I can already stream Qobuz Hi Res.

Is this supposed to be from Naim? It’s not easy to believe that they would use such appalling English.


The Naim app/streamers already stream Qobuz natively. There is no need for Qobuz connect when you own a Naim streamer.

In my opinion using native apps with connect ia always superior to using naims app.


I can as well with my MuSo 2nd gen using the Naim App, but I cannot via the mobile app of Qobuz as it would connect through Google Cast with CD quality only.

I can use MConnect and UPnP, but would love no need for workaround and the Nain App is - well - “not on par” to Qobuz one.


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It is. Official support.

I just hidden the name of the support agent as personal data I respect privacy for.


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If you use the Nain App, at least for the Mu So 2nd gen.


Good that you did to save the embarrassment of the individual. It’s still surprising that Naim would employ someone who writes in this way. Tesco maybe, but Naim, dear me. I expect this will get censored. :wink:


Well brace for impact when support gets outsourced to the east.


I’m not sure that I fully understand the question.

These are two screen shots from Qobuz, showing the resolution you can choose when either playing through a mobile device or Wi-Fi


As you can, on my mobile I choose CD as a compromise to data and battery usage. I could choose Hi-Res if I wanted.


I have chosen full Hi-Res.

Does this help?


This is correct as far as the target device and connection method supports the same quality. When you choose to connect to a different device than your mobile, the maximum quality may change. Selecting the device icon on a song available in Hi-Res:


I get for the mobile phone - Android Samsung S24 (in WiFi)


Whole if I pick my Mu So 2 gen (that I called “Office” as being in my home office room):

being connected via Google Cast

As you do see, the quality drops to “CD”. This is the same that happens if using Tidal mobile app via Tidal Connect protocol: quality is limited to “CD” pending firmware updates from Naim.

Hope this makes the scenario clearer, sorry for my bad English.


If you have a current gen streamer you should be able to use the Naim app, and that includes hires. If you’re on a legacy streamer then yes, you’ll need a workaround. Bubblesoft/UPNP with the Linn app worked great for me for years with my 272.

I’m not seeing that. ChromeCast is capable of handling 96/24, and when I cast from the Qobuz app on my iPhone to a ChromeCast Audio puck 96-24 is an option. Actually, so is 192/24, but I assume down-converted to 96/24.

Exactly, integration of Qobuz in the Naim App is not very good UI wise. So I’d love to see Qobuz Connect.

And for the peeps at Naim: Qobuz is reaching out to suppliers to contact them. Seems to me you are asleep while working or you are just ignoring them. Same goes for Audirvãna. They reached out for collaboration and they claim you don’t even respond.

As these are two examples with a similar experience I cannot help but feeling they tell the truth.

Quite a disgrace to show that kind of attitude, it’s only common courtesy to answer. ‘No’ is an answer as well, but at least just answer to companies reaching out.

This would suggest that the response isn’t from Naim, but an outsourced supplier?

I’ll test with other devices - Nest Audio and the ChromeCast Ultra attached to TV - and update the thread. Will be next week, far from home now.

I’m on Android.

May be because is because I’m using the beta version of the Qobuz app? Will revert to the standard one and check.


I should add that I had the same result with my MuSo. And that I have a Qobuz Sublime subscription. Perhaps that makes a difference.