Query re Karousel Inner Platter

Hi All,
Just noticed that if I shine a torch onto the outer rim of the inner platter, (where the belt runs) I can see what looks like tiny flecks of glitter/metal dust. Shine the torch light onto the outer rim and slowly rotate the platter and you can see the particles glitter as the light catches.
The particles dont wipe or brush off. Not sure if the metal is coated with something after machining, like a Laquer or something. I’m speculating that these could be tiny particles of metal dust from the machining that have been sealed under the surface.
Have spoken to my dealer but in the meantime would be very grateful if any Karousel owner could examine theirs and see if they have the same.

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Just checked mine - nothing.

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I’ve not notice notice any thing but I might be to take to a take a long!

No glitter on mine. Should I be disappointed? :thinking:

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It’s not that long ago that I gave the belt a clean and I didn’t notice anything unusual when I wiped the inner platter and motor pulley.

Any photo’s?

I tried to take photos but their so fine it doesnt come out.
You wont neccesarily notice at a casual glance, you need to look very carefully with glasses if need be and a bright torch. There unmistakably there, if you have the same you will see the tiny particles reflect the light like glitter.
No I’ve not been on the funny fags either! :joy:

I did use my phone torch because I was looking for the arrow on the belt to make sure I’ve fitted it correctly.

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If you did as I described at the OP, you will see them if you have the issue.

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@PSAN @Biglloydy @Guinnless
Sorry to impose guys, I’ve just had another go at trying to take a picture. Very difficult to get focus and resolution. But if you enlarge this you can just about make out the particles I’m on about, except that with fine torchlight you can see them reflect like glitter.

Yours does look “different”.
As you’ve shown me yours, I’ll show you mine! My one is just plain, smooth & much shinier than the original outer platter. (Oh and a bit of dust on it for good measure too)!

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Even here enlarge and you can see it, looks like dust here but it isn’t, cant get the camera to catch the glittering I’ve described.

Looks like you’ve got brighter lighting than me, I’m noticing it with torchlight and darker ambient lighting.

The specks of glitter seem to be on the top-plate too. Anything on the belt?

Have you tried wiping with a damp cloth or lint free cloth with a touch of IPA?

If they’re under the lacquer they look like imperfections that shouldn’t really be there. If it was the outer platter, it would bother me. As it’s the inner, I would be bothered unless affecting sound.

No that’s just dust, the flecks on the inner platter aren’t.

Yes, I was wondering whether the inner platter is coated with a lacquer and some metal dust from machining might have got sealed under.
My inner platter compared to the one bigloydy kindly posted also looks dull and there appears to be something contaminating the surface.

Cant tell if its affecting sound as I havent another to compare.

I’ve sent the pics to Linn and returning the turntable to dealer tomorrow.

Would it not be less hassle to take just the inner platter?

If you do want to take the whole deck use some cling film and a lazzy band so the bearing oil doesn’t spill :relaxed:

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Dont worry I have all original packaging (donkeys years old) and quite au fais with how to transport it carefully.
I discovered the issue whilst home auditioning a cartridge so it’s being returned to dealer in any case.
But thanks for your concern


You’d think Linn would provide a bung (rubber not cash :wink:) to customers for when they are transporting their deck. :thinking:


With the previous bearing (Cirkus) I saved the plastic bearing cap.
You dont need it really though, I do as most do and simply chock the inner platter with some folded card or similar so the suspension is rigid, without the outer platter fitted btw. Remove counterweight dial back bias and VTF to zero, fit stylus guard.
Pack outer platter, belt etc in the lower carton of original box with LP12.
Balance the box on the handlebars of my push bike and off to the dealers, job done!


I don’t think the Cirkus cap fits the Karousel hence my bodge suggestion. I always remove the inner platter though but everything else is done as you do. My LP12 box is 32 years old now! :scream:

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