Question about Gigabit Ethernet LAN

I understand now. I also understand the wish to have everything working as expected. I have been known to obsess about these things for no other reason than wanting something to work as intended, whether it makes a difference or not. I recently had fibre installed to the property and just ‘had’ to improve the internal wifi net because I could. :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit like this myself. I’m retired now, but spent my entire career working in IT and so have got used to requiring everything to be ‘just right’.

I hasten to add I was not a network specialist - far from it! Management of and tinkering with networks always was and still is a bit of a dark magic area as far as I am concerned! Luckily, I worked alongside and with some pretty good network specialists.

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Ex IT PM here. Logic and perfection are my bugbears. :rofl:

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Although I do not know @garyi personally, but I always respect his posts, his technical advices are always excellent, full of insights, and he does not mind to mince his words. :slight_smile:

@james_n …slightly off topic, but I remember reading that you managed to get the ADOT fibre kit up and running with your Cisco switch by finding a suitable SFP adapter for the Cisco? I’m trying the ADOT at the moment and have a Cisco switch. I would be very appreciative if you would advise how you found the right SFP and whether it was easy to setup? Looks like a neater solution with one less link in the chain too. Thanks.

Hi Jason - this is the SFP module I used (in lieu of a genuine Cisco module). It was just plug and play with the Cisco recognising it without any reconfiguration needed. Bought via the StarTech shop on Amazon


@james_n James, that’s fantastic. You’re a star, thank you. I’ll give that a try.

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James, I might have missed it on here, but how do you rate the ADOT kit in improving SQ?

Sorry for the diversion, and please refer me to the appropriate thread if there is one.

Morning Nigel - I was going to put a few words down but life (and a dead PhoenixNET) got in the way. Quick answer - yes it works very well and I found it beneficial in my setup. I would think with your system (looking at your profile), you could run fibre between the Cisco and EtherRegen without needing to go down the ADOT route, using suitable SFP modules and a fibre patch cable.



A pretty cheap potential upgrade as suggested by @james_n for lowering the noise floor……worth a punt for approx £100. I was in the main room at Signals when in a demo room i could hear the ADOT being switched on for a customer.

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Hi Gazza off topic…have you fully furnished your 552/500 with Morgana…:wink:

You bet😉

Thanks James.

What is the difference between simply attaching the ADOT fibre kit/StarTech SFP module to my Cisco (as you have done) and running fibre between my Cisco and ER using SFP modules and a fibre patch? There is a long distance between my Cisco and ER.

Also, isn’t the ADOT designed for audio applications?

Are you tempted to try the ADOT? Surely the folk in the Church have been preaching about it’s virtues. :pray:

Yes…….but will buy the Melco cdripper first………they have offered a home demo of the ADOT any time i choose. Its a bit of an odd bundle from a dealers perspective, pretty cheap, so not much money to make…….but some customers still want a full blown shop demo or two and a few home demo’s before buying or not.:wink: And there was me clocking it as worth a home demo in a few minutes whilst picking up a £7.5k Melco for home demo.


Are you planning to re-rip all your CDs?

Most cd’s, but not all……some go back to the days of the first Philips cd players, and by todays standards of “mixing etc”they are not great……even a Melco cannot resurrect them.

That makes sense.

In the old days they used to get young children to rip CDs, as well as climbing up chimneys. Don’t think you will get away with it these days!



Hi James,

Thanks for your assistance this far; I am finding the ADOT fibre kit very beneficial in my system but am still not quite able to run it direct into my Cisco switch. Could I just check with you whether you needed two of the Startech modules one for the ADOT end and one for your Cisco? If so, that may be my issue as I only bought one for the Cisco (not sure if they need to be matched at each end??) If not, I suspect you may have a different Cisco 2960 model to mine and I may need a slightly different version of SFP.

Thanks again,


Hi Nigel - I’m not sure that the ADOT is really any different to the various media converters available. I think the only Audiophile pretensions are the ability to dial the connection speed down to 100Mb for use with the Melco switch and the various PSU options that ADOT offer. I just used this approach as it was a plug and play kit (Cisco SFP aside). I’ve read in other places that certain SFP modules sound better, but that’s just a step too far for me :flushed:

I just have the basic MC01 kit, which sits between a Netgear GS108 (where the incoming internet from the wireless router, Sonos, Roon Nucleus, Mac & NAS connect to) and the 2960 which connects to the Lounge Hi-Fi and an UltraRendu upstairs for my headphone system.

I was just suggesting as you had SFP ports available on both units you could effectively achieve the same as the ADOT kit without needing the media converter and it’s PSU. How much distance is there between the Cisco and EtherRegen ?

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