Question about Muso QB remote control

there is a sticker on the back of the remote saying that before the remote will work, you have to remove an insulating tab from the battery. easy enough, but for the life of me i cannot get the battery cover off. I have tried sliding it off, and prying it off. but i feel like i will break it if i apply more pressure. Anyone know how to get the battery cover off without breaking it? thanks.

The QB does not have a remote control. Are you referring to a MuSo? Maybe QBs now come with remotes?

I have a MuSo remote here and the back cover is locked on. You will see a small slot with a triangle and exclamation mark. This is the cover lock. You press into it with something tile a toothpick or paper clip and push the object inserted in the direction that the cover slides. After it moves about 2mm the cover is unlocked and can be slid off.

It’s an optional extra, I think it’s the Muso one, but haven’t bought one myself.

Ah, right. Option extra. That’s very Naim. They used to charge for the App!

You need to press quite hard on the cover and then slide where the cover meets the body. It can be done but is tricky.

yes, correct, the MuSo. thanks for clarifying. and thanks for the tip about opening the cover. too bad Naim doesnt explain in the manual how to open it. Thanks again.

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