Question about V Tuner account transfer (NDX2)

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Is there any way to leave(withdraw) the account registered with vTuner or register a new one?

I want to transfer an old user account to my account.

The reason is that I bought it used(second-hand) and the vTuner MAC address is already registered to another user’s account.

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I have the same question. I have a V-Tuner account with my HDX. If I replace the HDX with an NDX2, does the account stay with me or the device (HDX)?


Your account (email address) is linked to the MAC address of the hdx. You would need to talk to vtuner (or Naim) to get it switched. So if you sell the hdx someone else can re register the MAC address again.

Thanks… but what a pain!!!

Just open a new account login with vTuner using the NDX2 MAC address and it will work independently of your HDX.
Of course it would be considerate to delete the old account from the HDX in case a new user wanted to create their own, although there is every chance that a new user would never need it.

Hi All,
I have an NDX and I have never set up an account with vTuner. But I can still get internet radio. What am I missing?

You hardly ever need a vTuner account. If a station isn’t listed in the Naim app, and Naim are unable to ask them to add it, you can add the URL yourself by logging into vTuner. You will then find in Added Stations in the iRadio input.

There was a thread about using the account to listen to higher quality radio streams as well I think.

[Edit] Found it

You can just sign-in with the MAC address of your device. This way, it allows you having multiple devices linked to the same account.

@Kurt Fyi we can see your real name + email address in the image posted.

That isn’t the biggest secret, but I fixed it :slight_smile:

I did this with the NCX2 ethernet MAC address but my NDX2 is connected with wifi (different MAC address) which one should I use?

It’s the Ethernet MAC address you want. If you look in Input Settings > Internet Radio you’ll see it there too, described as a vTuner MAC address.

Yup, that’s the one that’s there. Thanks!

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