i just bought an nd5 xs’ i’m a bit stuck as i’m not sure where to connect it to and with what cable. i’m not sure if you can use a din cable.

Do you have the supplied interconnect that came with then ND5?

i’ve got a din cable

This should help you identify if you have the correct cable.

What amplifier do you have ? Is it Naim or another manufacturer as a non Naim amp may not have DIN inputs and you may need to use the RCA out and the DIN cable isn’t much use to you.

If you don’t have an amp, you can’t use the ND5XS until you do.

i’ve got an nac112

Might be worth a read of the manual which should make things a bit clearer

Connect the ND5xs to the NAC112 via the supplied DIN interconnect. The manual (see James’ post above) will make the connections clearer for you.

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i’ve connected to the cd input, no sound.

Have you enabled the din output from the ND5XS2, if that’s the one you are using?

i’m using the nd5sx

Do you get sound from any other inputs on the NAC112, excluding Aux2?

i get sound from the cd input

Good . So what’s changed?

i mean i’m getting sound when i’m using a cd player mate

it’s almost certainly what @anon4489532 says: you need to enable the DIN output. or use an RCA to DIN cable, if you have one.

Check this in the Naim app, cog to get to settings, then output settings. You need din active.

thank you very much, i’ve got going.

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That’s great. I hope you enjoy it.

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