Questions about power cable upgrades and sequential power distribution

Hello Naim Community,

I’m going to upgrade my power cable.
I’m considering MCRU no. 75 (I think it is very reasonable)
In what order do you think they should be applied?

  • XPS
  • Hi-Caps
  • NDX2
  • NAP180

And I have one more question :slight_smile:
I’m using a sequential power distribution
Can you please review if it’s okay to power up in this order?

SNAPS → XPS → Hicaps → NDX2 → NAC82 → NAP180

NAP180 front panel switch is off
Hicap and XPS switches are always up (power is turned by from sequential power distribution)

In addition, this sequential power distribution has 4 x DC Filters and 2 x DC NON Filters equipped.
So I installed it as
DC filtered : Snaps, XPS, Hicaps, NDX
DC non: NAC82, NAP180

Could you Please review what configuration would be correct ?

Kind Regards,

If it were me I’d install dedicated mains and use an unfiltered mains block. Something like the Wireworld matrix at the lower end, or the MusicWorks H4 at the higher end.

What makes you think that the MCRU leads are actually better than the standard Naim leads? For the same price you could have dedicated mains.

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I have a similar question actually. I am expecting a couple of MCRU 75 to arrive and I was wondering on the optimal order of plugging into my mains-block. The block is a Music-Line PLUS, so essentially a simple block with a Powerline cable feeding it. The German distributor of Naim has been building those.

My equipment is:

  • SN2
  • Hicap DR
  • ND5 XS2
  • nDAC

I already have one Powerline at the SN2 and the rest will be swapped to MCRU 75. My motivation for changing the power cables is mainly for getting shorter ones and making the cable mess more manageable. If there is a benefit in the sound, even better! :innocent:

PS: No possibility to add a dedicated mains line in my apartment without tearing the whole place down, as much as I would love to!

I agree with @HungryHalibut that dedicated mains is a good VFM step- where possible.

Naim boxes like to be star-earthed where you can. Given that, I would certainly try a Hydra as well, and would encourage to try before you buy on any of this stuff. Others will doubtless suggest more expensive power block options, but what you are suggesting sounds to my non-specialist knowledge like a decent option to try against a Hydra.

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I was going to mention a hydra, but I suspected the OP might not be in the U.K. in reality that’s really not an issue I suppose, so yes, a hydra is a great option. It eliminates the plugging order angst too.

That’s a good point.

I believe that those nice people at Grahams in Islington will not only sell a Hydra with the right number of cables but will also deduct UK VAT if you are exporting it - they are pretty familiar with that process. Other good UK dealers familiar with Naim kit may be able to do the same, and it would be worth asking Naim dealers in other countries too. One could also ask about non-standard cable lengths of course.



I also understand from this link

that Sean Jacobs offers power blocks that are star-earthed, so Hydras in principle. I have not tried them but those who have regard them very highly.

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IMO, the Grahams Hydra is a great (and simple) solution for Naim systems with multiple ‘boxes’.

[Declaration of Bias - I do own a Grahams Hydra.]

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@NickofWimbledon @IanRobertM
@sihctr @HungryHalibut

Thanks for the great advice on star grounding and the and thanks for introducing the brand.

But I already ordered 2 MCRU.75s, so I guess it’s too late. :frowning:

Can you give me some advice on my questions
(about sequantial order and supply priority )?

Kind Regards,

I’d suggest a Forum search. I’d also suggest losing the filtered block completely.

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With my chosen route, it makes no difference, so I don’t think I can help. Other MCRU users should be more use.

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Sorry, no I cannot. I know nothing about this… :expressionless:

I use a Grahams Hydra, as I already said.

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How come you always happen to be right? :rofl: :rofl:
Feel free to see my comments regarding MCRU 75 below:

Do let us know of your comments regarding the MCRU 75. And please don’t get biased by my feedback, as it’s a different system, and it has the EU Schuko plugs in any case.

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I have used a Grahams Hydra for years. It’s as good as - if not better than - anything else out there, and remarkably inexpensive, given the improvement that it will make to any Naim system.

Do remember, though, that it should ONLY be used with Naim equipment. So, for example, it can be used for an Armageddon to power up an LP12, but should not be used for one of Linn’s own power supplies.


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